Product Marketing Manager

Growth Tel Aviv Full Time

Job purpose is currently searching for an experienced Product Marketing Manager to join the growth team. This is a strategic role, highly visible, contributing to one of the fastest growing fintech companies in Israel. The position will be based out of our offices in Tel Aviv alongside the rest of the growth team working Monday-Friday.

We are looking for a highly intelligent and creative, data and results driven marketer, who can learn fast, help to carve great user experience, hands-on to deliver synchronized, customized, and compelling communications via all owned channels across our Product.


The Product Marketing Manager will be responsible for being the “glue” that holds together the user experience across Acquisition and Product.

This will require you to be relentlessly customer focused, optimizing our customer journey for both new and existing customer bases, across all acquisition channels. You will have to learn fast and test faster to continually optimize our customer communication. Understanding our customers’ motivations are key as you will identify the messaging and strategies that drive retention, monetization, and organic growth. You will design and execute communications plans that emphasize our customers, the value our products bring to them, feature relevance & competitive differentiation, for our current and future product life cycles.

The successful candidate will accomplish the above tasks by developing and maintaining outstanding relationships with key members of the Acquisition team as well as the Product team to implement high velocity and weekly impactful tests and campaigns to delight our customers as well as increasing customer retention and average revenue per customer. You will leverage channels inside our Product to develop a seamless communications plan throughout the customer journey, using customer insights gathered from both quantitative and qualitative data.

There are 3 primary goals for this role:

1 Base Growth:

Growth hacking via organic channels including encouraging our base to make referrals

Meeting with customers to write case studies and get buy-in for new product/feature launches

Design and test various incentives for our base to behave as a true champion and ambassador for our product

2 Retention:

Identify leading attrition indicators for current customer base. Design and trigger win-back campaigns to increase retention.

Map out “happy” paths to for our customer base and leverage organic channels to achieve product/feature adoption, increase engagement, and elevate product usage as well as perceived value and satisfaction.

Move inactive and disengaged users to “happy” paths via carefully designed nurturing campaigns based on customer insights.

Orchestrate cross platform test campaigns to understand the effectiveness of each combination of channels and understand which message should go out via which channel and at what frequency.

3 Monetization:

Identify the correct messaging and levers to rapidly test and implement campaigns to ensure users engage with our platform

Work closely with acquisition marketing team to increase sign-ups and volume/size.

Implement pricing testing to create further monetization opportunities while minimizing risk.

being successful in this job if you can:

Design A/B tests to drive base retention and conversion of accounts.

Use customer data to drive customer action (1-1 marketing).

Build best practices for product messaging and performance as well as helping to identify product positioning within our broader fintech ecosystem for our customers.

Partner with channel team to ensure integrated experiences.

Ongoing reporting of conversion lift as well as organic acquisition.

Promote social/community/referral within product to deepen engagement.

Share out test results and learnings to acquisition channels to inform additional hypothesis.

Gather customer insights and evidence to identify our customer benefits to create better experiences.

Regular communication with customers to surface insights and opportunities.

Seek out marketing best practices and ways to share learnings across the marketing community.


Minimum of 3 years in a customer marketing/retention role.

Minimum of 2 years in a product marketing role for Saas/Global product.

Minimum of 2 years in a growth hacking role

Experience with data analysis a must!

Strong background in testing and experimentation to drive growth.

Track record of excellence in multi-channel customer communications.

Strategic mindset with capability of engaging in deep business and marketing-related discussions with senior management.

Experience writing Case studies and thought leadership pieces in the SaaS world. Fintech is an advantage.


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