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How do I make a Euro international transfer?

Euro (EUR) Transactional Minimums: On the marketplace, we can help you make fast and secure Euro (EUR) transfers to Europe or any other Euro account worldwide subject to a minimum transfer size of £5,000 GBP equivalent. There is no Euro maximum transaction size.

Speed of Settlement:

For private and business money transfer customers, we can make same day Euro (EUR) transfers subject to meeting settlement cut offs. For more information, please discuss with your relationship manager.

Receiving Funds:

The foreign exchange brokers on our marketplace accept funds via bank transfer. Currently, we do not support debit or credit card settlements.

What bank details do I need for Euro Money Transfers:

When making a transfer to a Euro bank account, please ensure you have the correct recipient details. For Euro transfers, you’ll need to know:

The account holder (recipients) full name
Input a valid IBAN
SWIFT/BIC number