Our Product

How is CurrencyTransfer different to other money transfer companies?

Think of CurrencyTransfer.com as a little like Expedia for international money transfers.

We’ve built the only marketplace in the world where you or your business can transparently compare live money transfer rates, book transfers, allocate recipients and view payment history, all within one venue. At 85% cheaper rates, with no hidden fees.

We stand for three core founding principles: 100% price transparency (we show the official exchange rate next to your quoted rate), Access (to multiple quotes) & Customer Choice (you decide to who to transfer with, and should never be handcuffed by a bank or broker’s rate)

It’s your complete foreign exchange management tool. All transfers on the platform are bank account to bank account transfers. We don’t service holiday cash.

Quite simply, we’re not a bank nor are we a currency broker. You’ll never have to speak to another FX salesman again. There is a huge amount of innovation in the international money transfer industry, and we Currently lead the market in larger volume transfers?

But don’t just take our word for it. CNBC recently described our innovation as ‘disrupting global money transfers.’