Booking Trades

How do I make international business payments with

Our vision is to build the go-to modern day currency platform to support international businesses with their payments. We want to help MiniMultinationals, SMB’s and Mid-Cap companies access the global currency markets, making it as easy to trade internationally as it would be to trade locally. We are committed to helping importers, exporters and multinational companies succeed on a global stage with award-winning international business payment solutions.

We are not a bank, nor a currency broker. Our unique Global Payments Marketplace gives SMB clients market access across hundreds of currency pairings, including both major and exotic currencies. On the platform, you’ll have access to:

  • Spot transfers (buy now, pay now)
  • Forward contracts (buy now, pay later)
  • Rate alerts (target price triggers SMS & email)
  • Bookable rate alerts (target price triggers deal execution)
  • Local settlement capabilities across the world
  • 24/7 trading
  • Audit of all your FX transfers
  • Mid-Market visibility on all transfers – fully transparent quoting
  • Reporting tools on all FX activity – simple management / board pack presentation
  • Ability to track and trace transfers – visibility of full payment lifecycle
  • Enable beneficiaries to track incoming funds – engage better with your suppliers
Favourable Exchange Rates – Best Execution

With wide market access via the Global Payments Marketplace and a commitment to online execution, we are able to provide better-than-bank exchange rates for your business. Whether you are paying your first overseas supplier or running a FTSE250, we aim to offer the best exchange rates and a frictionless way of moving money around the world.

Traditional Values – Great Service

We will ensure you are never alone. Forget about visiting your bank branch, calling impersonal overseas call centres, or any archaic methods of making international business payments. Whatever the size of your international payments, we will help you work with the most appropriate payment strategy to meet your individual business requirements and best protect your bottom line. This tailored approach, delivered via your dedicated relationship manager, coupled with a marketplace approach to payment execution, ensures that we are on your side and by your side every step of the way.

Tech Benefits, ToolBox for SMB growth

Global payments can have a significant impact on your business margins. We have aimed to digitise the world of business money transfers via market leading tools, all designed to ensure you have a complete, robust approach to currency risk management. Once you register and get access to your dashboard, we would be delighted to take you on a personal tour of all our business features.