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How do I setup a new currency transfer?

Setup – Get Quotes Underway!

Once activated with at least one currency supplier, you can book a live money transfer. Simply tap in the currencies you’re sending, receiving, the amount, delivery date, reason for transfer and click get quotes. (takes 10 seconds).

Compare – The Best Part!

Compare best money transfer deals side by side. You’ll save 85% versus banks and other broker’s hidden fees. Select the winner bidder and click book. You’ll then confirm the exchange. This is a binding transaction between you and the winning FCA regulated foreign exchange supplier.

Transfer Confirmation – You’re Set!

You’ll receive a transfer confirmation on your dashboard, and also via e-mail, outlining the next steps of selecting where you would like the funds sent and instructions on settling via bank transfer with the winning provider.

Allocate Recipient – Where to Send Funds!

This could you a personal, business or your own account in a different currency.

At the bottom of your transfer confirmation, select where you would like your funds sent from your list of previously added recipients. You can send the whole amount to one recipient or even split the amount into multiple recipients absolutely free of charge. For example, if you were to buy 10,000 Euros in one trade, you can send 5,000 to Jennie’s Euro account and 5,000 to Bob’s Euro account without the need to book two separate transfers.

Pay Winning Currency Broker By Bank Transfer – Settle Transfer

Simply hop on to your online banking and settle your transfer with the winning currency broker. As soon as funds are received, you’re onward transfer is made. For major currencies, we can offer same day settlement. More long-tail currencies can take up to 4 working days.

Insider Tip: The sooner you send funds across by bank transfer, the quicker onward payments are sent. Job done.

Track and Trace Entire Process – With You Every Step

Within your personal dashboard, if you select ‘Trade History’ you can track and trace all transfers, every step of the way.