Customer support

Can I speak to someone at CurrencyTransfer if I need to?

Absolutely! At every single client is allocated a dedicated point of contact and relationship manager, or as we like to call it ‘Currency Concierge.’

Our corporate and private customers are transferring significant sums of money online, and so it is only right and proper you have a first class team on side.

Even though all transfers are booked online, here are some examples of when you may want to contact your Personal Currency Concierge:

  • Organising a demo for your Finance Director or Colleague
  • Onboarding questions
  • Market insights
  • Booking forward contracts
  • Payment Queries
  • Saying hi or discussing the football results over the weekend

We think ‘tech’ so if you prefer to chat with your Currency Concierge via Skype or any other method, we’d be very happy to accommodate.