Our Product

Why should I use CurrencyTransfer instead of going to a bank or broker?

True to our core founding principles, we believe we are offer a better-than-bank and cheaper money transfer solution for three reasons:

(1)100% Price Transparency – If you go to a supermarket there is a clear price you know you pay for apples, bananas and pears. You leave knowing EXACTLY what you’re paying, down to the last penny. For most businesses and individuals, they don’t know what they pay due to hidden fees and transaction charges.

Not anymore. On the CurrencyTransfer.com marketplace we show the mid-market (official) exchange rate next to your exchange rate side by side. No fluff. No confusion. We also eliminate transaction charges completely. There is no transfer fee on the CurrencyTransfer.com marketplace. All fees and charges are built into one, brilliant currency transfer exchange rate which is up to 85% cheaper compared to banks and brokers.

(2)Access – Why should you have to go direct? It pays to compare money transfer deals. What we’ve built exists already at investment banking level. BP, Adidas, British Airways when they are buying billions in foreign currency, they can all log in and compare live currency rates from banks competing for their business. We wanted to level the playing field. So, we built CurrencyTransfer.com for the mass-market business, SME and private individual. We ALL deserve the same access as the big guys.

(3)Customer Choice – Rather than being held to ransom by one bank or broker rate, we are big believers in customer choice and putting power back in the customers hands. It’s 2015, you should transfer funds on your terms with 100% choice. We shift the balance of power and give you an elegant venue to set up a payment, compare LIVE rates and book transfers. All in less than 60 seconds. You’ll love saving both money and time.