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GBP – January in review

MPC or Brexit: Take your Pick

  • Bank of England leaves rates unchanged
  • Sterling volatility increases
  • Brexit finally happens; mixed views on next move
  • EU playing tough over trade U.S. more conciliatory

GBP – February what to watch

Economic factors to be main driver

  • Discussions over EU trade deal to commence
  • Sterling reactive to data as MPC stalls
  • U.S. to keep up pressure over Huawei
  • Post Brexit economic outlook mixed

USD – January in review

FOMC something of a “snoozefest”?

  • FOMC a little more dovish than expected
  • Trump’s trial continues; verdict sooner than later
  • Economic data mixed. Dec employment sluggish
  • Dollar index tests resistance on risk fears

USD – February what to watch

How will Virus affect economy?

  • Trade becoming main driver after 30 year gap
  • Employment report expected to remain in mid-range
  • Is this Trump’s final State of the Union?
  • Dollar index to track economy as FOMC watches on

EUR – January in review

ECB best option? A strategic review!

  • ECB disappoints... Again
  • Confidence continues to outstrip consumption
  • Inflation a little higher
  • Lagarde happy to continue Draghi’s legacy

EUR – February what to watch

Can “green shoots”continue to grow

  • Evidence needs to be more than anecdotal
  • Euro struggling for traction
  • Coronavirus an indirect but real risk to trade
  • Brexit concerns to surface

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