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Our free monthly currency exchange report aims to provide deep insights into the political and economic events worldwide that can cause currencies to change and how this can affect your FX business. Read more about the impact of exchange rates on international commerce.

Download our free monthly currency bulletin and to keep up to date with key events throughout the month. The free monthly currency reports analyse historical charts and provide the basis for discussion with stakeholders across your foreign exchange business. The monthly currency report provides a useful resource and meaningful insights for currency risk management policies.

For more helpful information for small and medium enterprises, check out our guide to trade finance for UK SMEs.

GBP – June in review

Brexit plans hit Sterling

  • Sterling hits new lows versus Euro
  • Inflation falls back to Government target at 2%
  • Johnson and Hunt to battle for leadership
  • BoE cuts growth target

GBP – July what to watch

New Prime Minister to be decided

  • Result expected on July 23rd
  • No Deal Brexit becoming more likely
  • Sterling to continue fall vs USD
  • Contenders to outline post Brexit plans

USD – June in review

Fed unsure about rate cut

  • FOMC signals pending rate cut
  • Powell dials back a little in Congress testimony
  • Dollar falls to three-month low post FOMC
  • Employment data weak but retains recent average

USD – July what to watch

FOMC to decide on rate cut

  • Market expects rate cut
  • Post meeting guidance to drive dollar
  • Data to be crucial starting with NFP
  • U.S., China agree to continue talking

EUR – June in review

Data levelling out

  • Recent data shows economy bottoming out
  • ECB concedes need for further accommodation
  • German auto sector continues to suffer
  • Italy facing record fine over economy

EUR – July what to watch

Dovish ECB to ease further?

  • Draghi considering ways to alleviate negative rates
  • Merkel to intervene to avoid no deal Brexit?
  • Euro fate linked to FOMC decision
  • Return of QE possible as policy option

ILS – June in review

Unemployment continues to fall

  • Israel raises fifty-year debt
  • Unemployment falls to 3.6%
  • Trump’s plan finds no takers
  • ILS closing in on year’s high

ILS – July what to watch

BoI calls for rate hike

  • Next monetary policy move must be a hike
  • Inflation up but still controlled
  • Israel must “wait out” trade storm

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