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Our free monthly currency exchange report aims to provide deep insights into the political and economic events worldwide that can cause currencies to change and how this can affect your FX business. Read more about the impact of exchange rates on international commerce.

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GBP – June in review

Economic collapse still possible

  • Bank of England adds more support
  • Activity indexes recovering
  • Lifting of restrictions already in doubt
  • Sterling driven by mixed signals

GBP – July what to watch

lifting lockdown uncertain

  • Cut in VAT to provide short-term benefit
  • Hospitality opening on July 4th
  • Sunak facing dilemma over further support
  • Possible second wave depending on common sense

USD – June in review

What constitutes a second wave?

  • Kudlow in confused state
  • Trump rally a demonstrable failure
  • Fed Chair on the ball
  • Dollar reacting to several drivers

USD – July what to watch

Trump struggling to influence

  • Biden making poll advances
  • Unruly States to see huge jump in infections
  • Decision over job support needed before expiry
  • Jobless rate to remain high

EUR – June in review

No progress on Pandemic Relief

  • Germany and France unable to promote plans
  • Frugal Four still and issue for progress
  • Nations going it alone to support their economies
  • Euro suffers as EU Commission dithers

EUR – July what to watch

Recovery to be sporadic

  • Lack of cooperation doesn’t bode well for the future
  • Macron and Merkel heading unity effort
  • Intra-region trade the key despite tariff threat
  • Breakup fears remain

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