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Our free monthly currency exchange report aims to provide deep insights into the political and economic events worldwide that can cause currencies to change and how this can affect your FX business. Read more about the impact of exchange rates on international commerce.

Download our free monthly currency report and to keep up to date with key events throughout the month. The free currency reports analyse historical charts and provide the basis for discussion with stakeholders across your foreign exchange business. The monthly currency report provides a useful resource and meaningful insights for currency risk management policies.

For more helpful information for small and medium enterprises, check out our guide to trade finance for UK SMEs.

GBP – September in review

Suspension unlawful

  • High Court deems prorogue unlawful
  • Parliament passes Bill to “take no-deal off the table”
  • Sterling begins fresh “Brexit fall”
  • Inflation concerns grow

GBP – October what to watch

This is it!

  • UK to leave the EU at the end of the month
  • Prime Minister determined not to ask for an extension
  • New agreement to be discussed at EU Summit
  • General Election in abeyance until extension agreed

USD – September in review

Threatened with impeachment

  • Implicit threat to Ukraine over Biden
  • FOMC cuts rates but no advance guidance
  • Dollar at its highest level in two years
  • Mixed data spreads uncertainty

USD – October what to watch

FOMC unlikely to cut again

  • FOMC on hold until 2020
  • Employment data to drive expectations
  • Activity data close to contraction
  • Dollar index to reach 100?

EUR – September in review

Data predicts a recession

  • “Bottoming out” theory shattered
  • Euro depreciation accelerates
  • Draghi enters his final month as President
  • ECB unable to arrest the slide

EUR – October what to watch

Q3 GDP to confirm the recession

  • EU Summit to decide Brexit
  • Lagarde to bring more inclusion
  • Germany to go it alone?
  • Growth and stability under pressure

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