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Currency Exchange: 5 Common Pitfalls and
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Our FREE mini-webinar will show you how the UK’s fastest growing online comparison marketplace CurrencyTransfer.com will help you ditch up to 85% in hidden money transfer fees. Launched live on CNBC, our impartial platform is trusted by importers, exporters, sole traders and growing SME’s across the nation. Stop unnecessarily paying thousands in currency fees!

About our Webinar Host, Paul Plewman

Paul Plewman
Paul Plewman

Director at CurrencyTransfer.com, Paul has been in the international payment space for 10 + years, formerly at Travelex, Western Union, Cambridge Mercantile. He’s helped thousands of individuals and businesses achieve better-than-bank rates and ultimately maximize bottom line.

You’ll also learn how to use CurrencyTransfer.com to:

Comparing rates in one place
Compare best live exchange rates
No pushy sales men
Ditch daily broker sales calls
Alerts best trade times
Benefits of currency hedging
Add confidence with reliable Q and A
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