Come say Hello in Riyadh

We are visting Riyadh to attend Seamless 2023 and we would love to see you! We will have time to meet informally on Tuesday 5th and we will host a few short events on Wednesday 6th September. Please register your interest below

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We’ll be hosting a couple of short events on Wednesday 6th September and we’d be delighted if you come along. Alongside an informal networking opportunity, you will get to see how our new technical analysis tool, MOEX, can help you make the most of any international payments, while removing the stressful guesswork around where the rates are going and when to book your transfers.

Join us for coffee / dinner  - Tue 5th September
Make transfers at the right time

If you are unable to attend the events on wednesday 6th September, but would like to have a chat on anything related to international payments, if you enter your details here then we’ll do our best to find time with you for a coffee or dinner.

Meetup Location So we can find an appropriate location to meet up with you please supply a rough location of where you will be on Wednesday 6th September.

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If you would like to receive a brief summary after the presentation, add your details here and we’ll send you something after the event

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We would like to reach the widest audience while we are in Riyadh and our events are certainly not exclusively for CurrencyTransfer clients. We would love to spread the word about the platform and our service to other expats in Saudi, so please be kind enough to share this across your network, by Whatsapp or Email, using the links below.

Advanced Transfer Analysis

Introducing a powerful new technical analysis tool for CurrencyTransfer users

Active MOEX Example
S1Split 1
04 Aug 2023 : 08:00 (GMT)
MO: 71.1
S2Split 2
05 Aug 2023 : 20:00 (GMT)
MO: 70.3
S3Split 3
11 Aug 2023 : 06:00 (GMT)
MO: 73.6
S4Split 4

Automatic Transactions

Don’t waste your time worrying about the rates moving and when you should trade - enter your requirements and MOEX will do all the hard work for You!

Chart Analysis On Every Trade

A 7-day chart will be provided on each trade confirmation to show you recent market movements and why your most recent trade was booked

End to End Support

Our experts are on-hand and ready to work with you to implement a strategy that best suits your own personal requirements.

Why expats rely on us

We built our network on three principles: 100% transparency, access and guidance. You get to compare better-than-bank exchange rates from FCA authorised payment partners and avoid those nasty, hidden bank transfer fees. With full price transparency, we even show your live money transfer rate and the ‘real’ exchange rate side by side.

Some expats move large lump sums abroad. Others make inheritance transfers. Many repatriate funds. Whatever your reason, we’re here to help. Our mission is to find you the fairest deal on your expat currency transfer. You will benefit from no hidden fees and amazing customer support. Every client is allocated their own Personal Currency Concierge.

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Very good and Nick is also good

CurrencyTransfer is very good and Nick is also good in getting back to you. I’ve made a couple of transactions from Saudi Arabia to the U.K. and all went smoothly. The rates are a lot better than my bank.


Best way to transfer funds overseas

I've been living abroad for about ten years and I have to say I didn't find a better way to transfer funds between different currencies with such a good rate and a good service.Very happy and would recommend eyes closed!


Best Rates and Great Service

Absolutely amazed at the level of personal attention they give you for making sure everything goes right. Despite my Saudi Arabian bank's delayed transaction delivery, they kept their word on committed currency rate. Best rates and on time delivery. I am surely going to have my future business with them. Highly recommended.