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Here’s how SKINNYDIPLONDON use CURRENCYTRANSFER every week to cut the cost of international payments by over 85%

James Gold co-founder of Skinny Dip

James Gold

Co-founder at
Skinny Dip


Step 1 Fill in a quote request

Fill in a quote request

Every week when James needs to make an international money transfer, he logs on to his CurrencyTransfer dashboard. James selects the currency being sold (e.g. GBP), bought (e.g. USD), delivery date (e.g. Today) and reason for transfer (e.g. Paying Overseas Supplier). He then clicks ‘get quotes’ feeling excited that in moments, currency specialists are about to quote in a live marketplace to win his business.

Step 2 Choose the best quote

Choose the best quote

James weighs up multiple quotes. He feels like a currency king and is delighted that he no longer has to field sales calls from pushy foreign exchange brokers. Every week James now trades on his terms, putting him in full control. He loves the transparency of seeing the ‘real’ market rate and his live quotes side by side. For once, he can visually see the true cost of his business foreign exchange.

Step 3 Book trade

Book trade

James selects the best quote and confirms trade terms with the winning FCA regulated currency supplier. And that’s it! James is thrilled that it only took him 60 seconds to: set up a payment, compare multiple quotes and book a trade. We believe in KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid. Normally the manual and inaccurate process of shopping around took him up to an hour each week.

Step 4 Tell us where the funds are going

Tell us where the funds are going

James receives a trade confirmation via email and settles up with his winning foreign exchange specialist. As James has already loaded up his beneficiaries, he simply selects where this particular tranch of US Dollars needs to go.


All your Business foreign exchange data in one place

multiple broker registration

Setup Multi Broker Trading Accounts

As a one time only job, filling out a simple compliance form which is pinged off to multiple FCA authorized and regulated foreign exchange specialists. A CurrencyTransfer Exclusive.

This is for anti money laundering and KYC (Know your customer) checks. Within minutes, You have multiple live trading accounts set up. The best part? You only have to fill out one form with no hassle from pushy currency salesman.

add recipients

Load up beneficiaries

James makes business foreign exchange transfers to multiple suppliers abroad. The first thing he did with his shiny, new CurrencyTransfer dashboard was uploaded the relevant international bank account information for each overseas supplier. His feedback? “It’s as easy as adding a new Skype contact online.” If James wanted to, he could have done this after booking a trade. The choice is yours.

trade history

Review past trades and pending trades

CurrencyTransfer lets you compare currency rates and manage all your international payments in one place. Track the status of all your trades, store recipients and monitor currency exposure with our beautiful post trade analytics.

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Don’t you hate having to trawl through e-mail chains, excels and bank statements to lookup that IBAN number or trade related information? We store everything in one place