Want To Be Britain’s Best Post‑Brexit Finance Manager?

Join co-hosts Paul from CurrencyTransfer.com
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How can CFO’s manage currency risk through Brexit?

Wed, Apr 26, 2017 3:00PM – 4:00PM

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For CFOs managing businesses across multiple geographies, Brexit’s political and economic tumult has surfaced many new currency exposures. While some CFOs have taken a ‘wait & see’ approach, those that have understood the dramatic impact currency swings can have on their business, have started to act.

Find out how UK’s finance leaders are managing their currency risks through the political and economic uncertainty. See what simple steps can be taken to identify and mitigate risks to ensure business stability through political storms.

About our Webinar Hosts

Paul Plewman

Paul Plewman

Director at CurrencyTransfer.com, Paul has been in the international payment space for 10 + years, formerly at Travelex, Western Union, Cambridge Mercantile. He’s helped thousands of individuals and businesses achieve better-than-bank rates and ultimately maximize bottom line.

Pavel Soifer

Pavel Soifer

Founder and CEO at Hedgewiz – currency risk management. Pavel has more than a decade experience in guiding companies in corporate currency risk management. He has helped both private and public (LSE/NASDAQ traded) companies across UK and Europe. He has helped companies protect more than $5BN in income and expense from currencies fluctuations.

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Want To Be Britain’s Best Post-Brexit Finance Manager?

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