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Hedge your international workforce costs

Protect your profits

An intuitive, simple-to-use solution
for hedging your international personnel costs,
and protecting your profit margins,
against adverse exchange rate movements.

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Protect your profits

Unpredictable swings in currency exchange rates can be a real threat to your profit margins when you have a large international workforce.

A small adverse exchange rate movement can require a much bigger rise in revenues to compensate for the increased costs and lost profits… a daunting game of catch-up!

In any case, gambling on future exchange rates is a big distraction from running your core business and staying competitive in our increasingly uncertain world.

Easily budget your international exposure

Currency hedging made simple for you

We know you’re busy managing many other things: your sales, global workforce, cash flows, multiple IT systems, supply chain, pandemic response…

So, we’ve made it really simple for you to insulate—or “hedge”—your overseas cost base from unfavourable currency exchange rates, and to protect your profits.

We do this by giving you instant access, on a simple web platform, to a range of currency hedging solutions that are suitable for your business.

Simple international transfers

Affordable hedging at your fingertips

Our platform makes it easier than ever before to request, understand and benefit from currency hedging solutions—including forwards and regulated options—all in one place.

In just a click, without having to pick up the phone or wait, you can request a proposal based on real-time market prices and transparent explanations.

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