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We built a money transfer service out of personal pain

Every month, co-founders Daniel and Stevan needed to send money abroad to pay our suppliers. The pair logged each month to online banking and were simply mortified at the hidden fees and ludicrous bank markups. 0% commission was a devious way of concealing a terrible rate of exchange. Often up to 5% of the value of the transfer. Ouch.

An alternative money transfer service was needed. Trying to get ‘smart’, the founders would call up 2-3 FCA regulated foreign exchange brokers for sharper rates. The rates were very competitive, but the process of shopping around took a good hour each week. It all became pretty tiring, inefficient and inaccurate as the rates moved by the second.

Secure and Protected FCA Certified Options


‘MyCurrencyTransfer’ was born

We then thought, wouldn’t it be great to compare money transfer quotes from multiple suppliers, and book a transfer. All at the same venue. In a matter of 60 seconds.

And so MyCurrencyTransfer.com was born. A comparison website where it was easy to compare between deals and secure the best exchange rate available at that time. There’s only one caveat though: price became the only thing easily comparable, ignoring other factors that would also play an important role in the quality of a successful deal.

Secure and Protected FCA Certified Options


It then evolved to become ‘CurrencyTransfer’

With that in mind, we had to find a way to help clients secure the best deals based on multiple factors, not just price. We wanted to make sure that they were matched with the most suitable payment provider for their unique needs.

So we created a new and improved version via a network to connect to, with three goals in mind: access, transparency, guidance.

Payment Network Access


At CurrencyTransfer, we believe you deserve the same access to compare money transfer rates as the big FTSE100. Our vision is to democratize international payments, whether you’re sending £20,000 or £20 million abroad each year.

Transparent Payments


We’re motivated to make your life easier when making and receiving international payments. That’s why we believe in 100% price transparency. We display your rate and the ‘real’ mid-market exchange rate side by side. No hidden fees. No secrets.

Expert Guidance


Thanks to our network of currency suppliers, we are in a much better position to guarantee you the best execution for your money transfers abroad. You’ll be allocated a currency concierge to help you along your journey, to suit your unique needs.

Secure and Protected FCA Certified Options

Today, we want to give our clients the best experience possible

We support our happy customers and try every single day to add value. They are building great businesses. Our money transfer services simply help them succeed. Some import from overseas. Others settle payments between international offices and suppliers.

Private clients buy property abroad and pay bills. Whatever your reason for using CurrencyTransfer.com, we’d be humbled if you give our money transfer service a try.

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