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We built CurrencyTransfer out of personal pain

Our founding team has over 10 years combined experience dealing with the opaque world of international payments. Every month, Co-Founders Daniel and Stevan needed to send money abroad to pay our suppliers. The pair logged each month to online banking and were simply mortified at the hidden fees and ludicrous bank markups. 0% commission was a devious way of concealing a terrible rate of exchange. Often up to 5% of the value of the transfer. Ouch.

An alternative was needed. Trying to get ‘smart’, the founders would call up 2-3 FCA regulated foreign exchange brokers for sharper rates. The rates were very competitive, but the process of shopping around took a good hour each week. It all became pretty tiring, inefficient and inaccurate as the rates move by the second.

We then thought, wouldn’t it be great to log onto a platform, compare money transfer quotes from multiple suppliers, and book a transfer. All on the same venue. In a matter of 60 seconds.

And so CurrencyTransfer.com was born. With three goals: transparency, access and control

Make money transfers from over 25 currencies
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Make money transfers from over 25 currencies
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At CurrencyTransfer, we believe you deserve the same access to compare money transfer rates as the big FTSE100. They have access to foreign exchange price comparison platforms. So should you. Our vision is to democratize international payments, whether you’re sending £20,000 or £20 million abroad each year.



Every day, our team are motivated to make your life easier when making and receiving international payments. That’s why we believe in 100% price transparency. It’s 2019, you deserve to know how much your overseas payment costs to the last penny or cent. We display your rate and the ‘real’ mid market exchange rate side by side. No hidden fees. No secrets.



We think that power should be in the hands of the customer. By inviting multiple currency suppliers to quote for your business, for the very first time, we put you in control. In 2019, it’s you that should decide who you trade with and at what time. On your own terms. We’ve simply built the platform to empower you to take control of your international money transfers.

Videos don’t lie

We support our happy customers and try every single day to add value. They are building great businesses. We simply help them succeed. Some import from overseas. Others settle payments between international offices and suppliers.

Private clients buy property abroad and pay bills. Whatever your reason for using CurrencyTransfer.com, we’d be humbled if you give us a try.


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Pioneering a shift towards transparency and low cost currency

At CurrencyTransfer.com, we’ve been humbled and honoured by the response of our battlecry for transparency and low cost foreign exchange. Earlier this year, we represented the UK as part of a UKTI government trade mission to SXSW, a large technology conference. We were selected to demo our product on stage at Finovate Europe, bringing together leaders in the financial technology community. We’ve even captured the imagination of the journalists, launching the product live on the popular CNBC breakfast show, SquawkBox. To date, our story of disruption in FX has been featured in, amongst others: The FT, Tech Radar Pro, Wired and Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

We’ve built a platform we needed for our own business foreign exchange. We’d be ever so delighted if you choose to as well.



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