Market Orders

Market Orders

Currency Risk Management Tool

The foreign exchange markets can be dramatic. Market orders are a perfect currency risk management tool for growing SMEs, Mini-Multinationals & High Net Worth Individuals.

What are market orders

What are market orders?

If you or your business would like to target an international payment rate that isn’t achievable yet, our market order service can help. It’s a perfect execution tool for clients who want to automatically execute a currency purchase when your target level is reached, with total peace of mind.

How it works

Step 1

Plan ahead

Take a proactive approach to currency risk management with a market order. Together with your dedicated relationship manager, you can discuss target exchange rates with proactive guidance, forecasting and market analysis.

Currency management plan
Step 2

Log in and go to ‘Market Orders’

Log onto your CurrencyTransfer dashboard and click on ‘Market Orders’ on the left side navigation. You can use market orders to automatically book either a spot transfer or a forward contract.

Navigate to market orders
Step 3

Book your market order

Fill out your requirements including your target client rate and expiry date. By booking a market order, you commit to buy your selected foreign currency if your target client rate is met.

Book your market order
Step 4

Sit back and relax

Once your market order is set up, your international payment will be automatically booked when your target client rate is reached. You will be notified by email whether or not the desired rate is reached within the time period.

In case your target client rate is not met before the expiry date, your order will simply expire and you’ll have the option to either extend it or make the trade manually at the current rate.

Automated booking on target rate

5 Tips to manage currency risk

Simplify risk management with market orders
Natural offsets exposures
Always try to identify natural offsets in your exposures. This will protect your company from currency risks. If your company is exposed to Euros and Dollars, it can offset any adverse currency volatility.

Currency fluctuations
Currency risk is a growing concern for CFO’s. Many don’t actively manage their exposures. Understand how currency fluctuations affect your business.

Foreign exchange calendar
Analyse the past year and your currency flows. This is the best starting approach to preparing a foreign exchange calendar to help build your currency risk management strategy.

Calculating profit margin
Calculating your production costs, and setting a desired profit margin will enable you to settle on a target exchange rate. This can help nurture your strategy throughout the year.

Automate currency risk management
Keep up to speed with market movements and consider this day in day out. Leverage technology to automate and digitise your currency risk management. FX specialists can help bring competitive advantage to your business.

Our specialists are on call

Once you open an account with CurrencyTransfer, you get an allocated relationship manager to support you with any query.

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