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Every day, individuals and businesses trust CurrencyTransfer.com for that edge when making international payments. Here’s some happy client reviews and success stories

“I was one of the first people to use CurrencyTransfer. The platform has saved me a lot of time, because I’m no longer calling different brokers and comparing market rates. I like the fact that you can book a transfer for tomorrow, next week or next month and I would recommend it to all my friends. It’s safe, the brokers are approved and I know nothing can go wrong. I’ve been very happy so far.”

Marie C, Finance Manager

“The CurrencyTransfer platform feels like an app because it’s so seamless and easy to use. Not only does it give us the confidence to know that we are getting the best rate on our international transfers. It enables us to quickly work out our margins and cut out the extra costs associated with using banks. I wholeheartedly recommend CurrencyTransfer.”

Peter H, Director

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“You make sure they compete to give me best pricing, let me easily store all my historical FX trades & build price transparency in your quotes. It’s a real time saver on a many levels.”

David K

“Your site is addictive, I just keep on wanting to make transfers and go through the process. I’m afraid I’ll run out of money”
Peter Arbeid

“The smartness of the platform is that it allows our company a simple, straightforward and transparent way to get multiple quotes on each deal.”

Adam L

“Very Simple. Really Easy Experience. Impressed”

Alex W

“Seriously very simple, straightforward with good clear instructions on what to do.”
Brett W, London

“Great service, quick, efficient and most importantly a great rate!”
Daniel B

“I can recommend this to any FD who needs to make business payments. Fantastic rates”

Erez S

“Almost a CompareTheMarket for business payments. This is much simpler and cheaper than the old, tired methods of making currency payments”
Andrew A

“By comparing rates against our bank, we saved close to 5 figures in GBP on our very first trade. Astonishing.”

Julie B

“I run Kaliyoga Retreats, a leisure business with European outlets requiring frequent transfers from my UK head office to overseas suppliers. Before I discovered Currency Transfer I used to pay high fees and got poor rates from high street banks, not to mention having to wait 3 days+ for clearance. Since I started using Currency Transfer for all my foreign transfers the payments arrive the same day, their rates are the best, their website is a breeze to use and the savings are considerable.”

J. Miles – Kaliyoga Retreats

“I honestly did not know how genuine the operation was – and it did seem all too good and far too easy, but it really was that good, and all came true to form. The platform was simple and easy and registration was perfectly clear and straightforward, with the added support of Irida who provided superb and personalised customer service. We have been suffering from poor exchange rates as well as extravagant bank charges on every transactions and we certainly benefitted from the services of currencytransfer.com and should have started doing so a lot sooner.”
Yann A

“I have been very pleased with CurrencyTransfer.com. After buying travel currency from a number of the big banks I realised they were taking around 10% in commissions though claiming not to charge any commission. Upon looking further at the big bank rates I found their rates excessive and non transparent. I did my homework and found a company offering much better rates. Irida at CurrencyTransfer.com helped me with the process which was speedy and efficient. I made great savings on my currency transfers and it’s a big feel good factor to find an alternative to the big banks that in my opinion lack integrity. Well done CurrencyTransfer.com for providing us with a great service.”
Christian P

“Working with CurrencyTransfer was an absolute pleasure and has saved me absolutely heaps of money. Not only that, but they were incredibly informative and helpful and strived to make my life a lot easier throughout the process. I would recommend using CurrencyTransfer to anyone if they want a simple, easy way to transfer money internationally with a fair, competitive exchange rate combined with zero commission.”

Daniel D

“We are delighted with the service provided by currencytransfer.com. The application process was quick and easy, and once registered it was simple to see exactly what rate we would get on a potential transfer. We used to use our bank for cross currency transfers, and had no idea how much money the bank were making from each transaction. Our first transfer cost us over 4% less than if we would have used our bank directly, all of which translates into more margin on our bottom line.”
Tony H

“If you’re looking to transfer money from abroad to Israel but don’t want to be stung by fees and bad currency conversion rates, I can really recommend using CurrencyTransfer.com. Dan Abrahams and his team were extremely helpful and made the process very easy and transparent.”
J. Fagelman

“The service is great for our business, you compare a number of different currency brokers so you can choose the one offering the best rate and the rates are all much better than we used to get with the bank. We’re benefitting very much thanks!”
A. Scully

“I was very pleased with CurrencyTransfer.com. Great customer service, nice system, and much faster than any other broker I have used before. I’m really happy with it and will most definitely be recommending CurrencyTransfer.com to my friends & business acquaintances.”
Will L

“Got a really helpful call from a chap called Paul. Very professional, clear, courteous and helpful. Thought you might like to know. Hope you’re going from strength to strength.”
G. Jenkins

“The Kayak of business money transfers. This is not technology for technology’s sake, they are solving real world problems. Epic stuff from them already!”

Todd L

“On my first trade, saved close to £1400 versus the bank it would seem. Let’s get a drink in the new years, well done on building CurrencyTransfer.com”
Elliot I

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