Security And Regulation is an online marketplace, matching our customers with the most competitive international payment quotes.

Our company

CurrencyTransfer LTD is a UK registered company.

Company Number

Registered Address
CurrencyTransfer Ltd
231 Vauxhall Bridge Road
London SW1V 1AD


FCA Authorized Payment Institutions

We only stream live exchange rates with foreign exchange suppliers that are supervised by HMRC (Her Majesties Revenue and Customs) and FCA authorized money service businesses. Ensuring the safety and security of your international payments is critical to us.

All our contributing providers follow a strict code to segregate client accounts, and follow 2007 Money Laundering Regulations and other payment services legislation.

Registration with the ICO

Protecting your data is important to us, and we won’t share any of your data with third parties unless you have given us express permission or we are required to do so by the law. To emphasize our commitment to data protection, we have registered with the Information Commissioner’s office.


Facilitating your compliance smoothly

True to our key founding principle, customers can aggregate and book live trades on It’s our USP and secret source. However, in order to make overseas payments you need to have an account with your network currency suppliers.

We make this onboarding process enjoyable, simple and straightforward. Our operational folk at have built the world’s first multi-broker compliance and registration form. This means that in order to compare and book trades, you don’t have to bother filling in multiple forms, visiting multiple websites and dealing with multiple compliance people.

We’ve unified the process into one form, to make your life simple. A CurrencyTransfer Exclusive.