Online Exchange Rate Alerts &
Currency Tracker

Simplify your international payment strategy with our currency transfer rate alert tool. Our exchange rate alert service is FREE, aimed at being your eyes and ears in the currency exchange market. We’ll help you save you time and money for your next international money transfer.

Online Exchange Rate Alerts : Track International Payment Deals

Want to make an international payment, but don’t like the current market exchange rate? Feel tired of checking Bloomberg or Reuters multiple times a day? It’s painful, time consuming and knowing your budget exchange rate can always be difficult to gauge. We’ve been there. It’s a nightmare and thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way. Try our free currency transfer rate alerts service.

How Does Our Online Exchange Rate Alerts & Currency Tracker Work?

Click rate alert manager

Log in to your CurrencyTransfer dashboard and click on Rate Alert Manager link on the side navigation.

Enter transfer requirements

Select your sell and buy currencies from the drop down and enter your amount of currency needed. Click next.

Set your target tradeable rate

Sit back and relax. We’ll send you an email if your bookable exchange rate is reached.

We Want To Help You Get The Best Currency Transfer Rates

Once you’ve set up an exchange rate alert, we’ll let you know when your bookable money transfer rate hits via email and if needed, over the phone. The personalised online exchange rate alerts will only trigger when the actual rate you want when making an international money transfer is achieved.

Reduce stress by automating your payments process and monitor exchange rate fluctuations with ease. Whether you are paying overseas suppliers, running payroll, or investing in property abroad – we’ll help you firmly stay within budget.