GDPR Third Party Apps

To help us deliver the best experience on we have to share information and data with various 3rd party apps. We list those apps here and outline the agreements in place with those companies for your reading pleasure.

1. Google Analytics
(a) We use Google Analytics to help us understand the way people use so we can make it better and communicate relevant information to users. Google collects anonymised statistical data about the use of our website and applications.
(b) Read the Google Analytics Privacy Policy here
2. Olark
(a) We use Olark to communicate with you while you are on our website or platform via instant messaging for customer service applications.
(b) Read the Olark Privacy Policy here
3. SendGrid
(a) We use SendGrid to send product related emails such as Trade Confirmations, Sign Up Confirmation, etc. To do this, SendGrid stores names, usernames, email addresses, and app usage information so that the communication you receive is relevant to your app activity.
(b) Read the SendGrid Privacy Policy here
4. Pipedrive
(a) We use Pipedrive to organize all of the customers on our platform and to ensure that your relationship managers are giving you the best possible advice and experience. The information we collect here includes your name, email address, phone number, and trade history. The two documents below serve as the Data Processing Agreement for Pipedrive.
(b) Read the Pipedrive Privacy Policy here
(b) Read the Pipedrive Terms of Service here
5. Slack
(a) We use Slack to communicate internally as a team. Our application informs your relationship manager anytime a new client registers, requests a quote, or books a new trade. The data collected includes name, trade amount, status of client, and client ID.
(b) Read the Slack API Terms of Service here
6. Mixpanel
(a) We use Mixpanel to track how our users interact with and use the platform. All data collected is anonymous and we never collect any personal data, just track events within the platform.
(b) Read the Mixpanel Terms of Service here
7. Clicky
(a) We use Clicky to learn more about how our users engage with our website. Clicky does not collect any personal data but does assign a unique user ID (UID) to collect mouse movements and clicks across the domain.
(b) Read the Clicky Privacy Policy here
8. Hubspot
(a) We use Hubspot for sending emails. The stored data (including names, email addresses, subscription type, activity, etc) is used to ensure we only send emails relevant to you. You can unsubscribe at any time or edit the frequency, by clicking on the link on the bottom of the email.
(b) Read the Hubspot GDPR Compliance here
9. Payment Partners
(a) We are the world’s first Global Payments Network. We have integrated regulated 3rd parties to fulfil the Platform Services. In order to do this, we must first share private data (such as your name, address, phone number, bank statements, utility statements, drivers license, passport, client ID, quote amount, trade ID, document ID, and bank details) in order for them to conduct the regulated activity in a manner that is accurate and fully compliant with the regulations. Below is a list of our integrated Payment Partners: