Automate Your
International Payments

We believe in innovative currency risk management solutions for SMB’s & Mini Multinationals. Connect to our API from your ERP or Accounting Packages. With our global payments API, spend more time growing your international business.

Eliminate Needless Complexity With Our Global Payments API

Get started with a few lines of code. We obsessively try to make trading globally as easy as it is to operate locally.

Our global payments API solves the need to consolidate payment runs in one system. The pain of booking transfers in another. Pay on a third and then reconcile accounts in a fourth system. We solve this problem and allow you to manage international exposures in one screen.

Simple and Straightforward

  1. curl --request POST \
  2.  --url '' \
  3.  --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  4.  --header 'Accept: application/json' \
  5.  --header 'Authorization: Basic SECRET' \
  6.  --data '{
  7.   "sell_currency": "EUR",
  8.   "buy_currency": "GBP",
  9.   "side": "sell",
  10.   "amount": 45000.3,
  11.   "delivery_date": "2017-03-29",
  12.   "reason": "Payments"
  13. }'

  1. curl --request POST \
  2.  --url '' \
  3.  --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  4.  --header 'Accept: application/json' \
  5.  --header 'Authorization: Basic SECRET' \
  6.  --data '{
  7.   "broker_quotation_uuid": "d7a87a047d8222b1f167"
  8. }'

We Power International Payments For Ambitious, Global Companies.

Here’s a few reasons why they rely on our payments API

Easy Accounting

Streamline your transactions. Connect with your book keeping system. Export your currency purchasing data automatically or manually.

Real Time Pricing

Real-time pricing via our marketplace connectivity into global dealing rooms. Banks set their rates once a day, you’ll see updated live quotes every 15 seconds.

Global coverage

Convert and make international payments for over 30 currencies and deliver to 200+ countries.

Transparent Fees

No monthly management or set up fees. Transaction costs only. Mid-Market rate time stamped on deal confirmations.

Always Improving

We believe in an ever-evolving toolchain that builds new, useful features throughout the year. Our world-class development team constantly iterates.

Easy Integration

Start right away. Our flexible international payments API is a breeze to integrate. Get started in minutes and test in a sandboxed environment.

Getting started with the Global Payments API

Speak to an API expert

We’ll get to understand your global payment needs, provide insights and ensure a smooth integration.

Open Account

Create a live trading account. Once created, we will provide you with the API documentation and development access credentials.

Create an account

API Integration

During development, we will provide you a sandboxed environment to test your integration.

Begin Trading

Once you are ready to make live payments, we will provide you with your live API account credentials to begin trading.

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