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Here’s how Skinnydip London use CurrencyTransfer every week for spot international wire transfers. Get funds faster than the market norm of 3-5 days.

James Gold co-founder of Skinny Dip

James Gold

Co-founder at
Skinny Dip

What is an international wire transfer?

An international wire transfer involves transferring money between two bank accounts, of which each is in different countries. When you wire transfer online it takes up to two business days for the money to transfer across. The money is sent electronically across banks around the world.

What is needed to make an international wire transfer online?

To carry out an international wire transfer, you’ll need access to the recipients’ bank routing code and their account number. You’ll also need a SWIFT code or IBAN number.

What is a spot transfer?

A spot transfer is an agreement between two parties to exchange foreign currency at an agreed price on an agreed date. They are ideal for individuals and businesses who need to make fast overseas payments. Read about spot contracts here.


Step 1 Fill in a quote request

Get a spot transfer quote

James logs on to the CurrencyTransfer global payments marketplace. He selects the currency being sold (e.g. GBP), bought (e.g. USD), the earliest delivery date (spot transfer) and reason for transfer (e.g. Paying Overseas Supplier). He then clicks ‘get quotes’ feeling excited that in a matter of seconds, our live marketplace quotes the best international wire transfer rates.

Step 2 Choose the best quote

Benchmark live rates

James is able to refresh live money transfer quotes every 15 seconds. He is delighted that he no longer has to field sales calls from pushy foreign exchange brokers. Or high street banks who only set their exchange rates once a day. On his mobile, tablet or desktop, James logs in every week and trades on his terms, putting him in full control. He loves the transparency of seeing the ‘real’ market rate and his live quotes side by side. For once, he can visually see the true cost of his business foreign exchange.

Step 3 Book trade

Book spot transfer rate

James locks in his live rate, and confirms his currency contract with the best-matched FCA regulated payment partner. The spot transfer is booked! James is thrilled that the process only took 60 seconds. Spot transfers are perfect for the need to internationally transfer money in a very short time scale.

Pro Tip: The same day international wire transfer service available on the marketplace is depending on your client money arriving before a 2pm cut off, and is available for ‘same day’ value currencies. We have the ability to get your funds to China, Spain or Italy the same day you book your transfer.

Step 4 Tell us where the funds are going

Allocate onward payment instruction

James receives his trade confirmation via email and pays for his spot currency contract via bank transfer. As James has already loaded up his beneficiaries, he simply selects where this particular tranche of US Dollars needs to go.


How much can you save?

All your Business foreign exchange data in one place

multiple broker registration

Get verified

To get set up, we need basic company information and your expected trading profile. It’s for KYC purposes. Based on your foreign exchange requirements, we curate a panel of highly vetted FCA authorized and regulated foreign exchange specialists. They’ll bid for your business and we’ll onboard you with the best-matched payment partner. It’s a CurrencyTransfer’s exclusive.

add recipients

Create recipients

James makes business foreign exchange transfers to multiple suppliers abroad. The first thing he did on his CurrencyTransfer’s dashboard was upload the relevant international bank account information for each overseas supplier. His feedback? “It’s as easy as adding a new Skype contact online.”

trade history

Insights & Free Currency Tools

CurrencyTransfer brings award-winning technology to help you reduce transaction costs and time your international payments. You’ll have the ability to track the status of all your trades, store recipients, set personalised rate alerts and monitor currency exposure with our beautiful post-trade analytics.

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