Spot Transfers

spot Transfers

Instant International Money Transfers

A spot transfer is an agreement between two parties to exchange foreign currency at an agreed price, on an agreed date. These international wire transfers are ideal for individuals and businesses who need to make fast overseas payments.

CurrencyTransfer International Money Transfers

Fast Transfers

Fast Transfers

Best option to transfer money immediately to another currency if funds are required promptly.

Price Transparency

100% Price Transparency

We display the mid-market rate alongside your client rate. No hidden fees.

Live Quotes

Live Quotes

Our quotes are live, refreshed every 15 seconds. Lock in a great rate when it suits you best.

Regulated Suppliers

FCA Regulated Suppliers

All suppliers on our payments network are FCA authorised. Your funds are safe and secure.

Step 1

Get a quote

Log onto your personal CurrencyTransfer dashboard. Select the currency you want to sell (e.g. GBP), the currency you want to buy (e.g. USD), the earliest delivery date and reason for transfer (e.g. Paying Overseas Supplier). Then click ‘Get quote’ to get the best international wire transfer rates in a matter of seconds!

CurrencyTransfer App Dashboard
Step 2

Benchmark live rates

You will be able to refresh live money transfer quotes every 15 seconds. No need to field sales calls from pushy foreign exchange brokers. No high street banks who only set their exchange rates once a day. Trade on your terms and enjoy the transparency of seeing the ‘real’ market rate and your live quotes side by side.

CurrencyTransfer App Dashboard
Step 3

Book your spot contract

Once you’re happy with the live rate, lock it in and confirm your currency contract with the best-matched FCA regulated payment partner. Your spot transfer is booked!

CurrencyTransfer App Dashboard
Step 4

Allocate onward payment instructions

You will instantly receive your trade confirmation via email. All you have to do next is to pay for your spot currency contract via bank transfer. If you already loaded up your beneficiaries in your CurrencyTransfer dashboard, then simply allocate the payment. If not, you can add new recipients easily at any time.

CurrencyTransfer App Dashboard

Our specialists are on call

Once you open an account with CurrencyTransfer, you get an allocated relationship manager to support you with any query.

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