Forward Contract

Forward Contract

Locked-in Rates For Future Payments

We live in unpredictable times and swings in the currency markets can have a tremendous impact on your company balance sheet or on your personal projects. A forward contract allows you to lock in a rate that fits your budget. You ‘buy now, pay later’, at a specified future date, at an exchange rate agreed upon today.

Lock-in exchange rates

Plan Ahead

Plan Ahead

Lock in today’s rate for your future payments and stay in control of your budget.

Price Transparency

100% Price Transparency

Your client rate is displayed side by side with the mid-market rate. No hidden fees.

Live Quotes

Live Quotes

Our live quotes are refreshed every 15 seconds. Lock in a great rate today and pay later.

Regulated Suppliers

FCA Regulated Suppliers

Our suppliers are all FCA authorised. Your funds are safe and secure throughout the process.

How it works

Step 1

Set currency management policy

Leverage our deep experience and insights, you’ll learn about how to protect your business’ exposures.

Currency management policy
Step 2

Secure your rate

Log onto your personal CurrencyTransfer dashboard. Select the currency you want to sell (e.g. GBP), the currency you want to buy (e.g. EUR) and reason for transfer (e.g. Overseas Property Purchase). Lock in a live rate and book a currency contract, at the agreed forward rate for anywhere up to 12 months in advance.

Secure exchange rate
Step 3

Pay your deposit today

You don’t have to pay it all upfront to secure your currency, only a 10% deposit is required by our payment partners upon booking your forward contract.

Pay deposit
Step 4

Settle the funds later

Simply pay the balance at the agreed date in the future and receive the currency you reserved!

Settle funds later

5 Tips to manage currency risk

Make international spot transfers
Naturally hedge
Don’t be at the mercy of currency markets if you don’t have to be. Build a spreadsheet on what you can naturally hedge via expenses and revenues.

Assets and liabilities
Document your likely assets and liabilities across your international operations.

Policy setting
Engage all relevant stakeholders when policy setting; from divisional heads to the board.

Hedging strategy
Focus on your core business, engage with a proactive currency partner to build a hedging strategy. You’ll take away the hassle of micro-managing exchange rate fluctuations.

Executeb risk management policy
Execute plan and frequently evaluate your currency hedging and risk management policy.

Our specialists are on call

Once you open an account with CurrencyTransfer, you get an allocated relationship manager to support you with any query.

Questions or need a tip? We have your back!


Nick CJ