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Save up to 85% on international payments

Why go direct? On our award winning platform, foreign exchange companies compete in a live, transparent marketplace to win your business. Think Kayak for business foreign exchange. We let you ditch the banks and wave goodbye to unfair hidden fees. Save up to 85% on your international payments of over our minimum transfer of £5,000 GBP equivalent. Our reliable and independent comparison platform let’s you compare live quotes from top tier, FCA authorized and regulated currency specialists.

100% transparency on international transfers

100% price transparency

If you go to a supermarket, there is an explicit cost of buying apples, bananas and pears. International money transfers should be no different. We believe in 100% price transparency and display the ‘real’ mid market exchange rate and you’re quoted exchange rate side by side. You deserve to know the cost of a cross-border payment down to the last penny. No hidden fees. No secrets. No salesman. Just honest, live, executable streaming prices around the clock.

Unlocking access to cheaper money transfers

Giving you the same access as the FTSE100

Our vision is to bring you the same proven comparison technology and access as the likes of BP, Shell and Adidas. The ‘big guys’ all have access to price feed currency comparison platforms, but up until now, this has been solely reserved for companies trading in the hundreds of millions each year, or even per payment. Until came along. Whether you’re an importer, manufacturer or growing business, You deserve not to settle for the first deal you stumble across. You asked for it. We simply built it.

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Promoting Customer Choice

It’s 2016, we truly believe the power to decide who to transact with is in the hands of the customer. We make that simple by providing you access to multiple quotes from the world’s leading FCA regulated foreign exchange specialists. Our platform is reliable, cost-effective and secure. Spot and forward contracts available on

Live quotes in 60 seconds and instantly bookable

Fast. 60 seconds to book a transfer

We see a world where you can set up a payment, compare multiple quotes and book an international payment, all in less than 60 seconds. We all love Whatsapp because it’s fast, it’s effective and it connects the world. Foreign exchange transfers should be no different. We get rid of bank opaqueness and over complication by currency salesman out to make a buck.

Independent & impartial. Our secret recipe

Spot Transfers

Perfect for one off, quick transactions. Fastest and easiest way to make international money transfers. Secure the best rate for your currency transfer

Forward Contracts

The currency contract where you like today’s exchange rate, but you have time to make your payment. Lock in a rate for up to 12 months in advance.

Rate Alerts

Our technology will scan the market in real time. Tell us the exchange rate you would like. You’ll get notifications when your rate becomes available.

Market Orders

Set a market order on our global payments marketplace. Perfect for automating your currency purchasing when your ‘target’ exchange rate hits.

API Solutions

Fully integrate our global payments marketplace into your ERP, TMS & BMS via our API. Currency risk management has never been so easy.

Collection Accounts

Sell on foreign marketplaces like Amazon or Ebay? Get competitive exchange rates when converting foreign sales. Avoids hassle of opening foreign bank accounts.

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Independent & impartial. Our secret recipe

Save up to 85%

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Zero transaction fees

Track payments

Regulated suppliers

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Forward contracts

Introducing energy, insights and expertise

We’d love to introduce you to your Business Relationship Manager. Get in touch for a 30 minute complimentary ‘Exposure Analysis.’ We’ll explain how forward contracts could benefit your company.

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