A Letter From Our CEO: We’re going transatlantic, live in over 40 US states

A Letter From Our CEO: We’re going transatlantic, live in over 40 US states
Every week at CurrencyTransfer.com HQ, we try and launch a new feature, a new product, or tool that will drive frictionless global finance for small and medium sized businesses. Providing a brighter future for MiniMultinationals is our daily motivator.

Growing the marketplace payment and settlement network from the ground up, one continent and local currency at a time has centred around collaborating with other FinTech’s. This has enabled comprehensive, superior, and enhanced solutions for our customers. So, on behalf of my fantastic team of product visionaries and executors, I’m proud to publically share a major product and transatlantic expansion.

CurrencyTransfer service clients in following 42 states across the US
We are now able and ready to service clients in over 40 states across the US on our-award winning global payments marketplace. This expansion comes as a result of months of (bloody) hard work from our product team, our growth team, and our management team working to integrate with the service capabilities of world-class, locally licensed payment partners.

We aim to bring to US SMB’s a FinTech focused solution that has a strong backbone of client first values. These include:

CurrencyTransfer's growing payment and settlement network marketplace

(1) Transparency

It’s frustrating not to know the true cost of moving money abroad. This should be as easy as knowing how much you paid when leaving a grocery store! We’ll always show the mid-market rate next to your dealing rate, with nothing to hide.

(2) Democratizing Access

Why should only the big boys have access to dashboards, personalised service and tools to manage currency risk? In a macro landscape of volatile markets, we bring our award winning capabilities to the broader US and Canadian markets. We aim to become the control centre of your global activity. A ‘good’ rate is becoming a commodity. We’re here to provide so much more.

(3) Full Control

You shouldn’t have to wait for the bank to open, or for a broker salesman to answer the phone to pay your global vendors, or receive payment from overseas customers. Our platform allows you to book transfers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, on your own terms, with experienced, concierge service levels working to help you.

Whether you’re importing from abroad, repatriating profits, or a fast growing eTailer, we’re here to provide modern day, frictionless global finance.

The modern day cross-border trade platform, continent by continent.

When I started out with my Co-Founder Stevan, we had a mission to make cross-border trade for businesses as frictionless as booking a plane ticket online.

We had a strong launch in the UK & Europe where we’ve been delighting thousands of clients with better service, better rates, and a better global transfer experience. I’m excited to bring these values to businesses of North America who on many levels are getting a raw deal from their bank and missing out on forward thinking FinTech solutions to help grow their business.

Lastly, your complimentary FX Audit – benefit from insights & expertise.

To celebrate our launch, we’d love to offer a complementary audit. Please let us know what you are struggling with when going global. Send in your previous transaction receipts to corporate@currencytransfer.com. Our team of analysts and relationship managers will dig in. We will perform a complimentary audit, providing insights and ideas around optimising your cross-border trading activity. I promise you, it’ll be worth it.

USA- we cannot wait to get started!

Daniel Abrahams,
Proud CEO of CurrencyTransfer.com