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Every day, individuals and businesses rely on CurrencyTransfer for access to the very best money transfer deals. Say no to hidden bank fees and poor rates. We’d love to help.

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1. Request quote

Enter the currency you need and how much. You can send to your own currency account or a third party supplier. Click get quote.

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2. Book transfer

Receive the best exchange rate on offer. Lock in a great deal and confirm the exchange.

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3. Transfer funds

Log onto your online banking and pay the winning supplier by normal bank transfer.

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4. Delivery

The funds are sent to your recipient bank account. You can track and trace your transfer in ‘Trade History.’

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Best Rates

  • Compare & Book

    Let us shop around for you. Compare live currency quotes and save up to 85% in hidden bank fees.

  • No Honeymoon Rates

    Opaque broker salesmen give you a great rate at first. Their rates often worsen over time. Never again.

  • Spot and Forwards

    Make same day payments or book a fantastic exchange rate for delivery of funds up to 12 months ahead.

  • Free International Payments

    We don’t believe in transfer fees. 100% transparency with all your cost built into the best exchange rate.

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No Hidden Fees

  • Track Payments

    View transfer history, insightful trade analytics and track the status of your payment just like a DHL delivery.

  • Store Recipients

    Recipients can be added as easily as a new Skype contact online.

  • Personal Concierge

    Whether you are a business or a private client, you will be allocated your own Personal Currency Concierge, at hand to help you with anything you need.

  • Trusted and Secure

    Compare up to six live currency quotes from Tier 1, FCA authorised currency suppliers. Safe, secure and curated marketplace.

Proud to have saved our clients over £3 million in currency fees

With over 20 years combined foreign exchange experience, we know how to fight for the best and cheapest money transfer deal




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We support our happy customers and try every single day to add value. They are building great businesses. We simply help them succeed. Some import from overseas. Others settle payments between international offices and suppliers.

Private clients buy property abroad and pay bills. Whatever your reason for using, we’d be humbled if you give us a try.

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