Overseas Property Payments

Whether you are buying in Marbella, selling in Paphos or making maintenance payments to your home in Florida, there are so many reasons why you should use CurrencyTransfer for your international money transfers.

There is a minimum transfer size of 5,000 GBP equivalent to ensure quality of service.
There is a minimum transfer size of 5,000 GBP equivalent to ensure quality of service.
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We offer the best execution from our payment network

The big majority of our private clients are overseas property buyers, sellers or owners. We know your market. Whether it is paying your deposit, final balance, solicitor or selling, we are here to help save you money. The cost of your overseas property payment will change every second, so lock in a great exchange rate today. It’s 100% free to get set up and you’ll be allocated a Personal Currency Concierge.

Simplify making international payments

Benefit from our range of online currency exchange tools

Immediate foreign exchange

Spot Transfers

Buy now, pay now

CurrencyTransfer will help you save money on property transfers through better-than-bank exchange rates. For every £100,000 you transfer abroad, our live currency transfer marketplace can save you up to £5,000 compared to your high street bank. We also don’t charge any transfer fees or commission. It’s 100% transparent, you know exactly what you pay and receive.

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Lock in an exchange rate

Forward Contracts

Buy now, pay later

You wouldn’t buy or sell a property at home without knowing the final price. On any given exchange rate fluctuation, your property could suddenly become unaffordable. We’ve seen cases of up to £50,000 in a matter of weeks. Overseas property should be no different. We can help you reduce the risk of your overseas property payment from increasing. You can reserve foreign currency at today’s rate up to 12 months in advance, having full peace of mind that your payment price will stay the same.

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Safe and secure international payments

Safe & Secure FCA authorised partners

It’s safe and secure. We only compare live rates from Payment Partners that are regulated by the FCA as authorised payment institutions. All funds are protected in segregated client accounts. Our experienced team has over 20 years combined experience in the international payment market. Our experts can help you reduce the risk of your overseas property transfer from increasing due to volatile exchange rates. We’ll support you every step of the way, no matter the size of your international money transfer.

Here’s what our clients say about us

A great experience !

I had to transfer a large amount (over $50K) from an eTrade account in the US to my bank in the UK for a property purchase deposit, and was really apprehensive but was amazed by the excellent instant quotes, the speed of transfer as the money landed on my account less than 2 working days later!

Communication was easy and I highly recommend CurrencyTransfer. I will definitely use the service again.


United States

Excellent service

I needed to transfer a large amount of USD to EUR for a property purchase. CurrencyTransfer was incredibly helpful over both email and phone, answered all my questions and made me feel confident with my transfer. Their rate was orders of magnitude cheaper than my bank. Will be using them in the future for all my transfers.



CurrencyTransfer is my preferred option

I used CurrencyTransfer for a property purchase in Mauritian Rupees and this was by far the best rate I have ever obtained. Beyond the rate, other major providers such as TransferWise do not cover this currency and using a traditional bank would have been prohibitive due to charges and rates. I initially encountered a system issue to book the trade but the CurrencyTransfer team was very helpful to have this resolved asap. I'll definitely keep CurrencyTransfer as my preferred option for transfers now.



Our specialists are on call

Once you open an account with CurrencyTransfer, you get an allocated relationship manager to support you with any query.

Questions or need a tip? We have your back!


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