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We specialise in helping the fashion industry with cheapest and best business money transfer rates. Whatever your business does and no matter the size, we’re here to help. Our live and impartial comparison marketplace will save you up to 85% in hidden fees.

There is a minimum transfer size of 5,000 GBP equivalent to ensure quality of service.
There is a minimum transfer size of 5,000 GBP equivalent to ensure quality of service.
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Luxury Bags. Leather and Phone Accessories. Online Flash Sales. Our fashion clients are breaking boundaries.

With a specialist fashion focused currency desk, we help fashion companies grow by helping them save money and protect against adverse currency fluctuations. We’re passionate about both the technology we’ve built and helping Fashion firms across the UK and Europe manage their annual currency exposure.

Whether you need to pay suppliers in China or Europe, don’t settle for the first deal you stumble across. Our live marketplace for business FX is 100% free to use. You can trade 24/5 with 100% transparency and choice of tier 1, FCA authorized payment partners.

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Helping Fashion companies trade internationally

Recently, we helped a leading fashion importer, who supplies phone accessories to major UK retailers. His annual FX volume was £5 million, but terrified about the impact of currency volatility to his bottom line and GBP depreciation. After discussing with his Personal Currency Concierge, we hedged the currency for six months to protect any further negative GBP spiral. Profit margins were protected and saved over £25,000 to his bottom line.
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: €20,000.00 EUR

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: €19,436.30 EUR

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: €19,387.10 EUR

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: €19,358.00 EUR

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: €19,316.90 EUR

Helping Fashion Companies Find A Fairer & Cheaper Currency Deal

Spot transfers for Fashion businesses

The goal is to grow your fashion business globally. Whether you’re importing or exporting, it pays to save on currency costs when purchasing suppliers or bringing profits back home. As foreign exchange companies compete LIVE for your business, you’re guaranteed to get the best corporate money transfer deal. It pays to shop around.

Forward Contracts, Currency Hedging

One of our happy fashion clients exports to no fewer than 14 countries! While they’re entrepreneurial journey hots up, currency volatility can often make the difference between saving or losing tens, if not hundreds of thousands annually. With over 20 + years market experience, each corporate customer is allocated a Personal Currency Concierge. We know about currency risk management and can discuss the viability of hedging strategies. Our live marketplace lets you book forward contracts up to 12 months in advance.

Experienced team. Secure Transfers

You purchase fabrics from abroad. Let us find you the best and cheapest foreign exchange deal. You’re funds are safe and secure, as we only compare live quotes from FCA authorized and regulated payment firms. Client money is held in segregated bank accounts. Funds are exchanged and transferred our immediately on receipt of cleared funds.

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