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Welcome to the Food & Beverage Desk. Every day, a growing wave of ambitious MiniMultinationals rely on our global payments marketplace for global currency exchange and treasury management solutions. We can help reduce your import and export foreign exchange risks. Get started, joining over 7,000 + registered clients.

There is a minimum transfer size of 5,000 GBP equivalent to ensure quality of service.
There is a minimum transfer size of 5,000 GBP equivalent to ensure quality of service.
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We strive to deliver technological and service excellence with every foreign exchange. With decades of experience, our Corporate Desk works with CFO’s, CEO’s and Senior management of food import and export companies across EMEA. Our goal is to optimise your currency risk management and international payment strategy. The 24/5, live platform offers your food business market leading exchange rates for over 40 currencies, covering over 600 routes. Transparency is core to our DNA. You’ll see the mid-market exchange rate timestamped on every corporate foreign exchange trade, enabling operators of the platform to know the true cost of conversion. Every client is afforded exceptional client service, with dedicated one-to-one support and risk management tools available. We’ll get to know your business more than by name.

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Ship Product… But Don’t Lose Margin To Poor Fx Management

Businesses in the food and beverage sector are sensitive to currency fluctuations. Owners and Finance teams are aware they have exposures, but knowing how to proactively manage these exposures is not their core function. A price you agree with a customer or overseas supplier on one day, can rise or fall if there is exchange rate movement. Your business could unknowingly lose thousands of pounds a year, if not more.

A recent Deloitte report stated that over 60% of corporates found the lack of visibility of FX Exposures and of reliable forecasts a challenge. A way to eliminate this risk is to only deal in your home currency, i.e. Sterling. However, they may be unwilling to deal with you on those terms. Thankfully, there are proactive steps your start-up or growing food business can take to protect yourself against these threats.

Democratising Live Market Access To The Food Sector

Buy now, Pay now (Spot Contract)

Make same day transfers on all major currencies. Choose when and how to make international payments. Our award-winning global payments marketplace puts business foreign exchange transactions are directly in the hands of the client. Never again opaque, voice based brokerage or the hassle of dealing with your bank. Our global coverage delivers market leading exchange rates, backed up by secure and reliable online trade execution.

Buy Now, Pay Later (Forward Contract)

A forward contract allows you to lock in a favourable exchange rate for up to 12 months in advance. Don’t settle for uncertainty in a post Brexit, increasingly volatile world. You’ll need to pay an initial deposit, with the balance due at the end of the currency contract.

In addition to forward contracts, the platform offers the industry’s most forward thinking and tailor made currency risk management tools. Set personalised rate alerts and place a market order in the market, auto executing favourable trades. Together with your Personal Relationship Manager, we can develop a comprehensive and proactively managed currency strategy. After all, doing nothing, is the greatest risk of all.

Safe & Secure, FCA Authorized Partners

You can trust that your money is safe on our global payments marketplace. Security of funds is our utmost priority. Every payment partner on the platform is strongly vetted and Financial Conduct Authority authorised foreign exchange specialists provide rates for our European clients. Client money is appropriately safeguarded in segregated accounts, separate from business funds.

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