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Welcome to the Global Sports Desk. Every day, sporting organisations trust our global payments marketplace to transfer money internationally. Whether you need to purchase a foreign player or import merchandise, we can help manage currency risks associated with foreign exchange rate volatility. Join over 7,000 + registered clients today.

There is a minimum transfer size of 5,000 GBP equivalent to ensure quality of service.
There is a minimum transfer size of 5,000 GBP equivalent to ensure quality of service.
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The world’s leading currency risk management platform for sport.

The team at works with CFO’s and management at sports organisations to optimise your currency strategy, minimise exchange rate risk and reduce the cost of trading internationally. Our award-winning global payments marketplace will enable you to trade 40 + currencies, covering over 600 routes. Transparency counts, which is why all execution happens online. With 24/5 trading and a digital conversion platform packed with free currency risk management tools, we can help your sports organisation protect its bottom line.

Our dedicated Sports Desk will be your eyes and ears in the foreign exchange markets. You will be allocated a Business Relationship Manager. He or she will offer one-to-one personal support keeping you abreast of upcoming economic data and trend lines that can impact your business.

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Brexit is deeply impacting football clubs and sporting organisations. Whether you are dealing with Asian merchandise sales or player transfers from Europe.

It was one of the contributing factors to the recently announced £407 million (27% rise) debt at Manchester United. The collapse in the value of Sterling pushed debt up by £87 million. Exchange rate fluctuations can cost sports teams and sports technology providers huge sums of money. Managing your foreign exchange risk with hedging products such as forward contracts is strongly recommended. Working with the team at, we can develop a comprehensive ‘health check’ and ‘audit’ of your cash flows and develop a currency strategy with your Finance team.

Helping Sporting Organisations Globally

Buy now, Pay now (Spot Contract)

If your sports company has funds available and would like to exchange immediately then you can lock in a rate on our global payments marketplace via a spot contract. Once your cleared funds arrive into the designated settlement bank account, your bought currency will be sent to any bank account worldwide. We offer same day transfer capabilities on all major currencies.

Buy Now, Pay Later (Forward Contract) has deep experience helping sports tech and football clubs hedge against foreign currency risk. You can fix an exchange rate for up to 12 months in advance, with the option to draw down the funds at any time. With exchange rate fluctuations difficult to predict, it’s important to protect your profit margins and ensure you don’t unnecessarily expose yourself to thousands, if not millions of pounds. The platform also offers currency risk management tools, including: Personalised Rate Alerts, Limit Orders, Stop Loss Orders & Post-Transfer Insights.

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We operate a safe, secure and curated global payments marketplace. The best exchange rates are aggregated from reputable FCA authorised and regulated foreign exchange specialists, operating in the wholesale currency markets. All client funds are held in tier 1, segregated client accounts. With over 7,000 + registered clients, robust technology and decades of management team experience, you’re in trusted hands.

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