Currency Transfers for Travel Operators

Too many tour and travel operators unknowingly lose thousands on hidden currency transfer fees. Every day, growing travel firms trust the CurrencyTransfer’s payments network for live foreign exchange rates and instant transfers. Benefit from full transparency and never get stung again.

CurrencyTransfer Mobile Platform

Save money for what matters most

Tour agents and travel operators work in a fiercely competitive environment. In a landscape dominated by the volatile currency exchange markets, we’re here to help. As much as possible, your business should be focused on selling more amazing travel, and not the success or failure of a certain currency pair. Whether you need to look at a euro, dollar or shekel hedging strategy, get in touch with your Personal Currency Concierge today.

Simplify making international payments
There is a minimum transfer size of 5,000 GBP equivalent to ensure quality of service.
There is a minimum transfer size of 5,000 GBP equivalent to ensure quality of service.
Save up to 0 GBP versus your bank
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Fee £20.00 FREE
What could you do with your savings

Benefit from our range of online currency exchange solutions

Immediate foreign exchange

Spot Transfers

Buy now, pay now

You can get a live quote and book a deal within seconds. It’s great if you need to make a corporate currency transfer right away.

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Lock in an exchange rate

Forward Contracts

Buy now, pay later

Hedge your currency exposure by locking in today’s rate for transfers up to 12 months in advance.

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bookable rate alerts

Market Orders

Automatically book a trade

Plan ahead and place your currency transfer instruction in advance. Sit back and relax.

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Safe and secure international payments

Safe & Secure FCA authorised partners

We only compare live exchange rates from FCA authorised and regulated currency partners. It’s an independent and curated network of trusted suppliers. Your transfers are safe, secure and held in segregated client accounts. With over 20+ years combined foreign exchange experience, we only deal with payment partners we would use ourselves.

Here’s what our clients say about us

CurrencyTransfer have been steadfast

CurrencyTransfer have been steadfast and reliable since the beginning of our working relationship with them. We have received an amazing personal service which I had not experienced previously. CurrencyTransfer have been with us every step of the way and I would like to thank them for being understanding and patient with us as our transfer needs have evolved.


Dominican Republic

Great customer service and speedy transfers

I was blown away by the prompt and efficient service provided. The team showed initiative and even called me to see if I had any questions when they could see I had logged in for the first time but not undertaken a transaction. It was very helpful. I have been using this service exclusively for almost a year and am very happy with the rates compared to my bank.


United Arab Emirates

Better exchange rate than my bank

As a business that makes frequent overseas payments, it is really important that I control my foreign exchange costs. I tried on the off chance that the exchange rates would be better than my bank ...and they were! The sign up process was simple, and I was ready to trade. I can see that over a 12 month period, my business will make significant savings. I would recommend it.


United States

Our specialists are on call

Once you open an account with CurrencyTransfer, you get an allocated relationship manager to support you with any query.

Questions or need a tip? We have your back!


Nick CJ