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Why have you chosen not to be whole of market comparison?

At CurrencyTransfer.com, we would only welcome money transfer companies onto our platform that we would trust to use ourselves. As such, the minimum criteria are that each supplier is regulated to the highest level by the FCA (Financial Services Authority) as an ‘Authorised Payment Institution’.

We don’t allow any Small Payment Institutions or brokers who have no track record to be listed on our marketplace. So that back street change store on your high street who offer money transfer sadly cannot participate.

Each currency broker needs to be able to stream live money transfer exchange rates onto the marketplace. For old-fashioned, old-school brokers that still book transfers on the telephone and have not embraced the world of digital money transfers, they cannot participate on CurrencyTransfer.com.

Some currency brokers we would love to host, don’t feel quite comfortable in publicly displaying their exchange rates on CurrencyTransfer.com in competition with other suppliers. They haven’t quite yet embraced transparency, but we’ll get them soon. Daily, we have an in-house team looking to expand the reach and choice for customers.

We are really proud of our ever expanding, highly curated roster. We’ve put together a list of FCA authorised and regulated money transfer suppliers, who have been carefully curated and we trust explicitly to provide a best in class money transfer service. In fact, we use most providers ourselves for our own inter company transfers between offices.