Customer support

How does the registration and on‑boarding work?

It works as follows. First you can test drive a demo on your own OR if already convinced:

  • Register basic details as a corporate or private client
  • Fill out one short verification form and upload compliance documents
  • Book your first transfer

International money transfer is a regulated activity so first you need to go through a simple verification process before you can unlock the ability to compare live money transfer rates and make your first transfer.

However, we’ve developed a secret sauce, giving you as a business or private user that extra edge. At, we’ve built the world’s first multi-supplier registration form, collapsing registration time from days into a matter of minutes. Instead of filling out 7 + different forms on separate websites, and uploading verification documents multiple times, you simply do this once via the CurrencyTransfer marketplace.

Once we have everything we need for the purposes of verification and anti-money laundering checks, you’ll be activated by every FCA regulated supplier you’ve requested an account with. Almost all personal and corporate completed applications are activated same day, subject to the time you submitted the form. This is a one time only job, and you’ll then be able to make transfers 24 / 5 from the comfort of your home or office

Whilst being activated, you’ll have the ability to get started by setting up all your recipients you want to make transfers to on the platform.

We will never send you to another website, all communication and customer support happens through your personal dashboard on and a dedicated relationship manager allocated to your account.