Our Product

What is CurrencyTransfer.com?

CurrencyTransfer is the world’s first online marketplace matching customers with the most competitive international payment quotes.

Our little revolution introduces to a cloudy market a very simple, yet powerful concept.

Money transfer companies compete in a live, transparent marketplace to win your business. You win.

We’ve built a product we use for our own international money transfers. Banks and foreign exchange brokers have been applying hidden fees, unfair marketing gimmicks of 0% commission and apply honeymoon rates.

CurrencyTransfer.com is built on three principles: transparency, access and customer choice.

Transparency: you deserve to know the true cost of your international payment, down to the last penny

Access: you or your business deserve the same access to price comparison that the big guys have. If the FTSE 100 have sharp rates, so should you. We make international payments 90% cheaper.

Customer Choice: you or your business deserve to be in control. Not at the mercy of greedy banks or opaque currency salesman. It’s you who should decide when to trade with and at what time. On your terms.