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The Single Platform For Managing Corporate Relocations

Whether you are a corporate or destination service provider, frictionlessly move assignees and contractors overseas with modern payment solutions, tailor-made for global mobility management.

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Corporate Relocation Payment Solutions

Managing a volume of international assignments can be a costly, fragmented and time-consuming process. Partner with CurrencyTransfer to reduce the time, costs, and manual processes involved in Global Mobility management. We ensure employees and contractors enjoy a happy and smooth transition while saving your bottom line and the resources involved.

Mitigate foreign currency transaction risks

Automate Your Payroll

Need to process a large volume of global mobility related payroll? When the need to pay in host currency arises, the CurrencyTransfer payroll solutions make it easy to pay international assignees.

Stop wasting valuable time making individual payments to employees across the globe and use our high volume file upload and one-click solutions to easily send multiple salaries, pension, and cost of living payments.

Businesses consider the risks of currency fluctuation

Coverage & Transparency Counts

We pay over 150 + countries, in 100 + major and exotic currencies and have access to local payout methods to ensure you can grow with us, regardless of project complexity.

Take advantage of wholesale, competitive exchange rates and fixed margin across all payments offering full transparency.

Mitigate foreign currency transaction risks

Ensure Assignee & Workplace Stability

Ensure that international assignees receive their salary and relocation related payments in full, by utilising the advanced rails we build on and in-country settlement capabilities of our global payments network. Let them focus on the work at hand.

Leveraging our deep integrations into global payment systems, expect to see a significant reduction in errors and eliminate late or incorrect payments.

Businesses consider the risks of currency fluctuation

From Manual To Automation

Whether you are the global mobility manager at a corporate, assignee consultant or destination service provider, visibility across departments count.

Process management and the future of global mobility is automation and intuitive workflow management. We provide this via multi-user access.

So too, through DHL style notifications, both assignees and internal staff will be able to track and trace payments and actions every step of the way. Via advanced search functionality, you’ll be able to find all your activity in one, centralised and intuitive dashboard.

Mitigate foreign currency transaction risks

API & ERP Integration

Leverage the power of the CurrencyTransfer API and integrate our time and resource-saving solutions into your existing global mobility management software. Once integrated, you can save even more time and get your department focused on what really matters, the valuable work they do for you!