Global Payroll Solutions

Optimize International & Multi-Currency Payroll

Businesses with employees around the world often need to pay staff in their local currency, but fluctuating exchange rates make international transfers an expensive prospect. Partner with CurrencyTransfer to improve your international payroll with a strategy that automatically captures the best market conditions for each of your company’s payroll processes.

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FCA Regulated Suppliers

Corporate Relocation Payment Solutions

Managing a volume of international assignments can be a costly, fragmented and time-consuming process. Partner with CurrencyTransfer to reduce the time, costs, and manual processes involved in Global Mobility management. We ensure employees and contractors enjoy a happy and smooth transition while saving your bottom line and the resources involved.

Payroll Automation

Payroll Automation

Reduce time and improve speed with CurrencyTransfer’s bespoke automated payroll solutions. Our platform can simplify and automate the process of mass-payroll across multiple currencies. Additionally – our suite of tools can help your business maximize favourable exchange rates – reducing risk and improving the bottom line.

Centralized Payroll Management

Centralized Payroll Management

Centralize & simplify international payroll management. No matter how complicated or extensive a company’s payroll is, CurrencyTransfer’s suite of tools means each transfer can be fully optimized and automated. This lightens the load for firms with complex employee compensation processes, multiple currencies, and demanding payroll schedules.

API Integration

API Integration

Integrate directly to payroll software, ERPs and accounting packages. provides an extensive set of APIs that can be used to manage currency transfers. Integrating these API into your payroll software will improve end-to-end automation, speed and reliability.