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FCA Regulated Suppliers

Following the advent of Fintech, which has seen a growth in the service available to those with a requirement to transfer funds overseas, whether corporate or individual, the pricing level has become infinitely more competitive while the level of service has increased exponentially.

As with most monopolies, banks became “lazy” in their desire to invest in a more streamlined, customer-driven service while the pricing reflected the lack of competition.

The new generation of money transfer services, of which is a major contributor, divides the product offered into two distinct parts; Rate of Exchange and Funds Transfer.

Currency Exchange Services

CurrencyTransfer supported Currencies

Rate of Exchange offers a completely transparent platform on which we provide the best liquidity provider for your specific international or local money transfer requirements.Each supplier is FCA registered and any completed trade is done with them.

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Funds Transfer

When a trade is completed, instructions are provided by you as to where you require the funds to be transferred In that way, we claim complete responsibility for the payment and its punctuality.

In the rare event that there are any problems, we take it upon ourselves to investigate. This means that you have a direct line to your dedicated relationship manager handling the issue and are not left worrying that the funds won’t arrive at their destination.

CurrencyTransfer Spot Transfers


We provide every client with live access to the market and that process can be as automated as they desire.

Once an account has been opened a relationship manager will get to know your business and your requirements. Those clients who prefer a more hands-on approach are able to speak to a trader by telephone or provide instructions via email.

Our account opening procedure requires the minimum of information necessary but still provides the client with maximum security. Funds are paid directly to the FCA registered supplier which adds to the security of our model.

We provide a single point of contact for our clients. In this manner, you can be assured that you will always be speaking to someone who understands your account and how you desire to operate.

CurrencyTransfer Forward Transfers

Currency Hedging Strategy

At we are well aware of our responsibility towards our clients and will NEVER allow a client to enter a strategy which we feel is unsuitable or which we believe is not fully understood.

We often are asked by our clients to explain the benefit of a hedge that has been offered by another firm. We appraise its suitability based on its merits and the sophistication, in market terms, of the client. We will point out the pro’s and con’s and if it is unsuitable we will explain why we feel that is the case. can provide you with every service your banker can offer but with a more aggressive pricing structure and a personalized service.

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