Overseas Tuition Transfers

Do you need to pay for an overseas school or university? We help students and their parents make currency transfers for the purpose of paying overseas tuition fees. Whatever the semester, we’re here to help.

There is a minimum transfer size of 5,000 GBP equivalent to ensure quality of service.
There is a minimum transfer size of 5,000 GBP equivalent to ensure quality of service.
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You are in safe hands

As a parent or student paying overseas tuition fees, you can trust our service. Whether you’re doing an international program in Australia or paying for your son’s placement year in France, you’ll get a much better exchange rate on your education transfers compared to your bank, and pay nothing in transfer fees. Whatever your tuition fee requirement, we’d be delighted to help you maximise the value of your upcoming transfer.

Simplify making international payments

Benefit from our range of online currency exchange tools

Immediate foreign exchange

Spot Transfers

Buy now, pay now

Quite simply, we offer bank-beating international money transfers for your education related payments. For all major currencies, our Payment Partners have the ability to transfer your funds the same day. We’re 100% transparent too, so you’ll never pay any transfer fees or commission.

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Lock in an exchange rate

Forward Contracts

Buy now, pay later

Our platform lets you reserve today’s rate for up to 12 months in advance. If you want to discuss a bespoke currency purchasing strategy, we will give you full access to a Personal Currency Concierge. Our team has more than 20 years experience in the international payment market. We are on your side to ensure your tuition related transfers don’t become more expensive due to exchange rate volatility.

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Safe and secure international payments

Safe & Secure Money Transfers

Our platform is safe and secure. All our partners within our network are FCA authorised and regulated payment institutions. Each supplier has been carefully vetted on our independent and impartial marketplace. Your funds are also protected in segregated client accounts.

Here’s what our clients say about us

Smooth transaction

Everything ran smoothly. I'd set up my account some weeks prior to the transaction. On the day, I booked the trade, sent the bank transfer, and allocated a beneficiary within ten minutes. By the next day the currency was in my other account in the Middle east. Much better rates than bank and no fees. Also the next day. No complaints at all. Everything is transparent. Great service.


United States

Excellent service

Excellent service. Did save me about 90% of transfer fees compared to what my house bank did offer. At the same time the team has been very attentive to support me during the setup as well as running my first transaction. Will definitely use them more often and can only recommend them to other expats


Saudi Arabia

Very approachable and supportive

I have been using CurrencyTransfer for a couple of years to pay tuition and send money to my daughter, who is going to school in the UK. The people at CT were very supportive and reassuring while I set up my account and made the first transfer, and now that I've done it a few times it is very easy and secure. Wiring money across the world can be incredibly intimidating and they make it as painless as possible.


United States

Our specialists are on call

Once you open an account with CurrencyTransfer, you get an allocated relationship manager to support you with any query.

Questions or need a tip? We have your back!


Nick CJ