Global Payment Solutions is your Global Payment Solution partner. We provide a secure, efficient and competitively priced service – allowing you to implement a currency exchange strategy that is best suited for your needs.

We provide a full range of services from one-off payments for individual purchase, to a full suite of FX hedging tools to ensure that your business is protected from exchange rate volatility.

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Global Payments Toolkit offers a solutions toolkit that can support all our your global payment needs.

CurrencyTransfer’s Global Payment Platform

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We provide our service to all manner of businesses who have an exposure to foreign exchange risk. We deal with payment of bulk invoices, bulk currency purchases, payment for overseas employees, dividend receipts on investments and many others.

Our unique marketplace platform allows you to see the best price available at which you are able to buy/sell currency and is supported by a back end system which allows for efficient delivery of currency, together with a variety of administrative and reporting tools.

The use of a global payment solution provides benefits in both security and risk management.

Our payment processes provide for end-to-end control over the funds you send us for conversion and transfer. We are able to provide real-time information about the payments process and the delivery of the funds.

Risk management ensures that you receive the amount you expect in relation to foreign currency sales and never pay more than you budget for raw materials.

Risk Management for Global Payments

CurrencyTransfer supported Currencies

There is no doubt that your business is built on sound business principles and mitigation of risk should be one of the basics. It is therefore vital that every aspect of your processes should be protected. Any change in the exchange rate between your fulfilling an order for a customer and receiving payment is potentially a loss for your business.

Of course, exchange rates can move in either direction but hedging your exposure by selling currency receivables forward ensures that your budgeted income is protected. provide several hedging solutions for customers and our experienced team can help in choosing the best product to match your risk profile.