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Modern-day payment solutions that fit your needs, from one-off payments to sophisticated corporate solutions.

There is a minimum transfer size of 5,000 GBP equivalent to ensure quality of service.
There is a minimum transfer size of 5,000 GBP equivalent to ensure quality of service.
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Every day, individuals and businesses rely on CurrencyTransfer for access to the very best international money transfer deals online. Say no to hidden bank fees and poor rates. We’d love to help.

Build a Plan

We work with you to build a tailor‑made solution to meet your unique needs.

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Lock in and book your payment through the supplier selected by your relationship manager.

Transfer Funds

Transfer the funds for your payment to the selected supplier. Your funds will be tracked throughout the process.

Sit Back and Relax

Allocate your recipient and enjoy a simple, easy, and better global transactions experience.

CurrencyTransfer Global Payments Solution Platform

Best Rates

  • Cheapest Money Transfers

    Our platform will return the best transfer option for you, saving you up to 85% in hidden bank fees.

  • No Honeymoon Rates

    Opaque broker salesmen give you a great rate at first. Their rates often worsen over time. Never again.

  • Fastest Transfers

    Make same day payments or book a fantastic exchange rate for delivery of funds up to 12 months ahead.

  • Free International Payments

    We don’t believe in transfer fees. 100% transparency with all your cost built into the best exchange rate.

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With over 20 years combined foreign exchange experience,
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Excellent site safe and flexible. The team is great & very helpfull

Excellent site very well designed, very convenient to use. Transfers are reliable and safe. The team is great, very flexible, always listening and helping you. I can’t even consider using another platform as Currency Transfer!



Great experience!

Great experience! Noam was very thorough and communicative. He was helpful throughout the process, and I felt very comfortable turning to him for any questions. I would definitely recommend to my friends, and continue using for future transfers!

Nicole Simon


OUTSTANDING Service, super speed. 12/10

OUTSTANDING! Amazing service and super speed, smooth and efficient. I have a direct link to my account officer if I need. And best of all I am saving $00s every time compared to the daylight robbery rates the banks were giving me previously. Only a simpleton would use the main banks for any currency transfers. 12/10.


United Kingdom

Foreign Exchange Daily Market Commentary

Daily Market Commentary
Market Commentary – Podcast

Tune in to @fxPlew’s informal insights on market developments with a generous helping of humour and a dash of sarcasm.

Monthly Currency Report

October 2021: Currency Report

With a round up of the most impactful events of Septmeber and a look at what may be effecting your business and personal transfers this coming October.

  • GBP – Q4 to be tough for economy
  • USD – Covid and logistical issues remain
  • EUR – German coalition to run and run

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Daily Market Commentary

The latest news on economic/political factors that affect currency/market movements.

Monthly Currency Report

A roundup of the most impactful events from the previous month and what to keep an eye on coming soon.

Currency Graphs

Weekly / monthly graphs on how your exchange rate has changed.