Money Transfers

Can I make a bank transfer from an account that is not in my name?

Unfortunately not. Settlement payments for any deal booked on CurrencyTransfer should come from a bank account in your name. The account name of the account from which you transfer your money to the payment partner must match the name of your account held with us.

If settlement funds are received by the Payment Partner from an account that is not in your name, these funds would be classified as a third party payment. Unknown/unregistered third party payments like this are subject to approval on a case by case basis by compliance. On occasion, this can even be when you send funds from a joint account with your partner, but your name is not on the account name reference when funds arrive. If it looks like they have come from an unknown account holder (3rd party) then we’ll have to help you through some simple approval steps to validate the settlement payment. Note that it may delay your funds to get released.