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Our free monthly currency exchange report aims to provide deep insights into the political and economic events worldwide that can cause currencies to change and how this can affect your FX business. Read more about the impact of exchange rates on international commerce.

Download our free monthly currency bulletin and to keep up to date with key events throughout the month. The free monthly currency reports analyse historical charts and provide the basis for discussion with stakeholders across your foreign exchange business. The monthly currency report provides a useful resource and meaningful insights for currency risk management policies.

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GBP – May in review

Cummings blames Hancock

  • Pandemic criticism largely ignored by PM
  • Recovery still on track
  • Inflation beginning to rise
  • Sterling advance held back by dollar

GBP – June what to watch

G7 to concentrate on climate

  • G7 to meet in UK in person
  • MPC looking at tapering measures
  • Inflation pickup expected to continue
  • Sterling to react positively to hawkish MPC

USD – May in review

Employment slows outlook

  • April Non-Farm Payroll hits expectations
  • Inflation rise draws little response from FOMC
  • Patchy recovery concerns Regional Feds
  • Dollar remains on the back foot

USD – June what to watch

Investors anxious about May NFP

  • June FOMC impossible to predict
  • Biden to work to pass new stimulus
  • Inflation to rise gradually
  • Dollar to remain weak until Fed turns hawkish

EUR – May in review

Recovery finally takes hold

  • Hawkish BUBA demands tighter monetary policy
  • Vaccinations and PMI’s begin to rise
  • Meek response to Belarus concerns NATO
  • Euro in the dollar’s grip

EUR – June what to watch

Inflation to begin to concern ECB

  • ECB to face tightening pressure
  • Inflation expected to rise slowly
  • Government debt to face higher cost
  • Euro to see fate sealed by FOMC

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