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Our free monthly currency exchange report aims to provide deep insights into the political and economic events worldwide that can cause currencies to change and how this can affect your FX business. Read more about the impact of exchange rates on international commerce.

Download our free monthly currency report and to keep up to date with key events throughout the month. The free currency reports analyse historical charts and provide the basis for discussion with stakeholders across your foreign exchange business. The monthly currency report provides a useful resource and meaningful insights for currency risk management policies.

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GBP – September in review

Infections climb alarmingly

  • Johnson tightens restrictions
  • Sunak introduces furlough two
  • Brexit uncertainty drives Sterling volatility
  • Negative rates to drive MPC uncertainty

GBP – October what to watch

Economy facing multiple drivers

  • Further lockdown fears as infections increase
  • Sterling to remain volatile
  • Sunak to face questions about debt repayment
  • Johnson’s Brexit deadline close

USD – September in review

Presidential debates begin

  • Biden and Trump clash in first debate
  • Dollar recovers from recent lows 
  • Jobless claims begin to stagnate
  • Ginsberg death stokes discontent

USD – October what to watch

Pressure for Fiscal Support

  • Regional Feds support Powell’s demands
  • Support decision unlikely before Election
  • Trump to relish further skirmishes
  • Dollar volatility to increase

EUR – September in review

Lagarde in the hands of Brussels

  • Increasing infections slowing recovery
  • France facing a major outbreak
  • Activity slowing as pent up demand fades
  • Euro shying away from 1.20

EUR – October what to watch

ECB to increase PEPP?

  • Central bank ambivalent over currency
  • PEPP working but may need to be increased
  • Germany to continue to support Eurozone
  • ECB to remain behind the curve

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I just completed my first transaction (GBP to USD) with CurrencyTransfer and I will certainly be coming back whenever I have a currency need. Account setup was smooth — even with all the regulatory hoops. They were efficient, responsive, flexible, and the web-based trading interface gave me an excellent rate, close to spot. Once I'd settled the trade, the funds we're transferred to the destination bank almost immediately. What more could you want?

Daniel R

United States

Highly customised support

Used Currencytransfer.com in connection with a house purchase in France. Involved a mixture of forward and spot transactions, and several adjustments to take into account changing deadlines. The team there provided a highly personalised service, pulling out all the stops to ensure the funds arrived on time after delays elsewhere. Would highly recommend for complex, high value transactions, and am planning to use them regularly from now on to top up my French bank account.


United Kingdom

Excellent Service

I have made two transfers so far and all has gone smoothly. Good exchange rates when compared to other exchange sites, and notifications at every step to keep you informed. Queries, if you have them, are answered promptly via personal email. So far excellent service.

Peter K