CurrencyTransfer vs Revolut

Compare sending funds internationally

CurrencyTransfer and Revolut are both well-established currency exchange, online platforms that allow you to transfer money internationally. We’ve looked at the differences to help you choose the platform that best works for your needs.

There’s pros and cons to each depending on your requirements, but we’ve looked at finding the easiest and cheapest solution. Either view the CurrencyTransfer vs Revolut comparison below or view more on our platform comparisons.

What does CurrencyTransfer do?

CurrencyTransfer helps customers to secure the best international transfers in terms of cost and service. The main focus from CurrencyTransfer is on guidance, access and transparency, with dedicated relationship managers on hand to help and advise you through the process.

What does Revolut do?

Revolut offers currency exchanges using their app. This platform supports everyday spending, investments and savings. You can choose from a range of plans to best suit your requirements.

Comparison Table

In order to help you decide which is the most suitable for your needs, we have put together the comparison table below so you can see at-a-glance the differences between CurrencyTransfer and Revolut.

Account Types
No payment fees
Transparency on mid-market rates
Online platform
Aggregation of several FX Brokers
Dedicated relationship manager
Minimum transfer
Referral scheme
Product Range
5,000 GBP
(up to 12 months)
No minimum
(up to 3 months)
World Class Support

Which one is right for you?

CurrencyTransfer offers a team of dedicated relationship managers which act as currency concierges for you to best support you and advise you throughout the process. You will have direct contact with your own relationship manager five days a week to ask any questions and gain the peace of mind you need before making large international transfers. Other exchange platforms like Revolut do offer support but the dedicated contact is an exclusive offer from CurrencyTransfer.

CurrencyTransfer Key Features

CurrencyTransfer offers unrivalled services as a currency exchange platform, the key features offered are:

Unmatched on service delivery

Speedy payments

Competitive Rates. Forever

World class support