6 Reasons CurrencyTransfer.com Joined Sosa Tel Aviv

I am personally very happy and excited that our Israel office has moved into SOSA Tel Aviv. Very early in my journey as a tech CEO, I figured that value creation can really stretch far and beyond what’s possible in a traditional office.

Before expanding to our own place in the UK, we based ourselves in TechHub @ Google Campus. I’ve personally seen how the rise of shared workspaces and co-working has taken over and I for one think it’s breeding a generation of more confident entrepreneurs, better products, faster rollouts and more investable startup teams.

Here’s 6 reasons we chose to base ourselves at SOSA Tel Aviv.

captivated audience at SOSA presentation

SOSA gets to know your business

From my very first interaction with Tom and the team, I knew this was more than just a ‘real estate company’ and that by becoming a resident member, SOSA would try to go above and beyond to help CurrencyTransfer.com succeed. Afterall, if we succeed, it’s a great badge of honor for SOSA as an organization.

I was blown away that SOSA also have a dedicated head of biz dev for its residents. Yonit took the time to sit down with me and really get to understand our business, our product market fit and how the SOSA partner network could be useful to us. Pretty much less than two hours after our initial meeting, she was pinging off introductions to potential clients of the CurrencyTransfer.com marketplace and affiliate partners. I was so impressed.

Deep partner network

There is a big visible board you can’t fail to miss when walking into SOSA, with a ‘whose who’ of partners that SOSA have managed to associate with. These include big companies, including amongst others: Visa, Taylor Wessing, HP, E&Y, Publicis. As a fast growing startup, having such warm and direct access to these global companies is a significant leg up and unfair advantage.

setting up presentation at SOSA

Event schedule

When you are building a company, mentorship truly counts and the ability to hear lectures and talks from industry experts almost ‘in your living room’ is hugely helpful. You can never learn enough. Every day there seems to be another delegation, office hour or educational seminar to gain insights and inspiration from. Oh, and the roof is tremendous.

A curated community

In my opinion, to build a successful community requires deep thought. It doesn’t just happen. It seems like everyone at SOSA pulls together and is incentivized to facilitate meetings and interactions between its members. I love that SOSA doesn’t accept anyone. Your product, stage and vision has to fit into what they’re looking for. The décor, interior design, layout and general style also contributes to the community buzz.

SOSA also encourage you to throw your own events, using the facilities. We welcomed a delegation from the Jewish Charity UJIA, educating some of their donors on the Startup Ecosystem, and managed to pick up some great client opportunities along the way.

CEO of CurrencyTransfer presenting in SOSA

Speaking Opportunities

We’ve been at SOSA for less than a month and I’ve already been invited to speak a couple times to partner delegations. There’s very few greater thrills or honor than to tell the story of what you love working on all day every day, and we’re very grateful for the opportunity to pitch CurrencyTransfer.com to some very impressive delegations that have walked through the door. The last notable one was to the Washington DC Jewish Federation of influential US businessmen.


Finally, startup life is all about daily speed, momentum and experimentation. Aside from weekly milestones, I like to Strategically plan in 30 day chunks (funding, marketing, sales, content, HR plan etc). When picking an office, tech companies need a degree of flexibility when picking service providers. SOSA recognize this and cater for companies at a specific stage, to stay for a specific time period.

Welcome to currencytransfers presentation at SOSA

Thanks SOSA.

At CurrencyTransfer.com, we’re trying to build out a happy and talented team (we’re hiring FYI!) looking to change global money transfer and challenge themselves within our organisation. The SOSA culture seems very much in line with our own culture. So, thanks SOSA for welcoming team CurrencyTransfer.com and we look forward to the rest of our stay.

What is CurrencyTransfer.com?

CurrencyTransfer.com is the world’s fastest growing online marketplace for international money transfers, helping individuals and SMB’s find and book a fairer and cheaper deal. We save our clients up to 85% versus hidden bank and broker fees.

We know every transfer tells it’s own story. We are in business to ensure your one has a happy ending.

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