Our Product

Who can use the CurrencyTransfer.com marketplace?

CurrencyTransfer.com is built for both businesses and private clients who have foreign currency exposure. CEO’s, Business Owners and Finance Directors across industries are ditching hidden bank fees in droves. They are also loving the experience as the smart ones never (ever) have to speak to another FX salesperson ever again, pitching the same old ‘better foreign exchange rates’ only to widen margins over time.

At CurrencyTransfer.com we are building a marketplace for any business to truly succeed and become ‘The Best Finance Director.’

Selected Examples of businesses using the platform include:

  • Clothing, Electronic and Diamond Importers
  • Exporters across industries
  • Tour and Travel Operators
  • Fast Growing Technology Businesses

Examples of private clients include:

  • Large one off overseas property transfers
  • Rental Deposit payments
  • Pension Transfers
  • Emigration transfers
  • International Tuition Fee Payments